God setteth the solitary in families: or the NASB – God makes a home for the lonely.

100_0056God is so good to put us who are lonely and solitary in a family – a home. Let me introduce you:

Mike Lungu is such a good brother. He is 32 (but no one would guess that old), born and bred in Livingstone, Zambia. He speaks five languages fluently. His personality profile is a I-C – meaning he is super cool (get it?) – he is a good mix of being a people-person and a careful work-oriented person. Meaning he will stay up late talking to the team members from the States, but be up early cleaning our floors meticulously – nobody can do it like Mike. Sometimes after the truck is filthy from four-wheeling thru the village, I will find the next day the truck is cleaned – Mike!

100_0051Mike is also an excellent worship leader. We had many in CPX, but to me Mike was the best – not at all interested in making a loud show – but intent only on entering into the secret place of the Almighty. He is passionate about missions – reaching the unreached – about worship, and about reaching the youth. He has started meeting with about six youth in the village – hoping to train them in gardening while he disciples them. He also loves guiding the teams of youth who come to help out. He is leading several Bible studies in the villages, while mentoring several young men.

Mike is a blessing! His blog is – www.givinghope2africa.wordpress.com

Nimisha Lala is our other team member. She is South African from an Indian culture. She is the first of her extended family to become a Christian – they were all Hindu – but thru her consistent witness and prayers, some have turned to Jesus. Nimisha has been refined in the fire of persecution and you can see the effect in her uncompromising passion for Jesus. Last Sunday she stayed the whole day in the prayer room, and this week she is staying in the village, fasting the whole week, while we return home to take care of our tummies and other pressing business. She has only one business – to love Jesus and reach the lost.

Nimisha is 29, an S-C personality style – making her very loyal and supportive, yet meticulous and wanting to do things well and on time. She can be a bit outspoken – but in the best sense – like when everyone knows something should be done, but no one wants to say anything… I see her as a tigress with a servant heart. Nimisha is such a servant – she is only embarrassed if you force her to fill her plate before you – I have given up. She and Regina putter in the kitchen or garden for hours – just talking and working away – they are such good friends.

100_0010But of all of us, I would have to say, Nimisha is the best at winning people to Jesus and turning out growing disciples. She is like a smart bomb for zeroing in on a person’s heart. And she really understands and consistently applies our guiding principles – discovery Bible study, facilitative leadership, allowing others to quickly assume leadership, but not without ongoing mentoring relationship, searching prayerfully for the good heart-soil / the person of peace, to invest her time… These principles have proven themselves time and again to be worthy, and her fruitfulness is evidence.

Nimisha’s blog is www.livinggodsdream.wordpress.com

How could we have asked for 2 better partners!

Then there are Mosi and Odie – our security force – one a little rat terrier, and the other a mean looking black dog.

Oh yeah – and there are 97 nameless chickens – about 5 weeks from harvest time!

And I must mention the garden! I have already figured out how to propagate my favorite shade tree in the world – flamboyant – and did about 25 of them. They are being planted all over the property. Lately I have been working on mango trees, and I think I have about 35 of them! I just started the more difficult process of ginko biloba trees (just so I don’t forget which ones they are!) and many other flowering trees I bought seeds for. We have a drip irrigation system going on our tomato, pepper and lettuce. And I am trying my hand at compost – to everyone’s amusement – I’ll show them yet.

May I ask you to consider donating just a few dollars a month to Mike and/or Nimisha? They have no income other than the chicken business (which the first round of 100 chickens made no money), and we are trying to each pitch in to cover our living expenses (according to our country of origin): so Mike owes $100/mo; Nimisha owes $200/mo; and Regina and I owe $500/mo.

You may send check to: (add sticky note “requesting” it go to person of your choice)

Love’s Door c/o Open Door Church    339NW Sherman St      Sheridan, OR 97378

Or you may click the button and donate thru Paypal – again designate who it is to.

All donations are tax deductible.

Or if you are in Africa, just email us with your intention and we will help to find a way to get the money to them – lovesdoor@gmail.com

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