Family Table

childrenBiosA father to orphans and an advocate for widows is God in his holy dwelling. God causes the lonely to dwell in families. Ps 68:5f


What if?…

What if the most broken and hungry and abused children of the world had a family that really loved and cared for them? And what if all of the best Christian families of the world included several of these broken, forgotten kids around their Family Table of love and devotion and nurture? What if you had a chance to build equity in this world? Would you do it? What if you had a chance to bring justice to the least of the least – with your prayers, with your words of hope and love, with your food and education and skills training? What if you could bring a few of the “least of these” around your Family Table to bring the hopeless hope, the neglected love, the abused respect? Would you do it?

A Child Sponsorship Program

The Family Table is a program to provide covering for the most vulnerable of orphans. We have many kids living in our orphan homes as well as kids living in very broken conditions in the villages. Our desire is to bring the love and prayers and resources of Christian families to surround the lives of the most neglected and broken of orphans.

Here is how to be a member of this Family Table. You can choose a child from our database. Fill out an application for membership. Copy the name, bio and picture of that child. You and your family will pray for the child, pay a monthly fee to support him/her, and write an occasional letter to introduce yourself and receive letters in return. Each of these parts is crucial for the Family Table to work. Simple. PAL


Post the picture in a conspicuous place in the family setting to constantly remind you to pray.


For $39 a month we will pay for school fees, uniform, and materials needed, as well as a monthly food allotment. We will also have a regular gathering of all the sponsored kids for tutoring, spiritual encouragement, life skill training and psycho-social counseling.


Write an occasional letter and ask them to write to you in return (send to


If you reside in Canada, you may want to sponsor a child through a Canadian ministry which will allow you to get a Canadian tax receipt.  Send a letter to:  Blessings for Obedience at 1830 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam, BC V3K1H2, Canada.  Please tell them the name of your child(ren); that you wish to sponsor a child and send a check for $40 CND.  If you want to pay for several months at a time, you may do so.




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