Zimbabwe Project

You can see, as soon as you cross the border, that this country is in distress. People are walking one way without loads, and back to their homes with heads and wheelbarrows loaded to the extreme. Women dressed immodestly (looking fairly western, actually) crossing to sell the only thing they own – their bodies. Men, women and children just sitting near the border, looking hungry and weak, yet scanning every face for any opportunity to find food.

Zimbabwe is ready for a Savior. May He come with grace and power.

Assembles of God Church, in the city of Victoria Falls, has the heart to help but lacks the resources. In better times they had a feeding program for orphans and street kids and support programs for widows. Today they are sitting on the sidelines watching in distress as their own orphans and widows barely survive – not to mention reaching out as the Hands of Christ to the community needs.

Could we in the West join hands with them to enable them to join hands with the neediest ones? I would like to give them a one year commitment to run this program, but before we do we must also see the commitment of many supporters as well. My aim is to allow many normally un-rich N Americans to contribute in their small amounts on a regular basis. If every person shared what the little they are able, and no more, then we could accomplish this easily.

Love’s Door has helped with many short term projects in the past in many countries. But we are seeing the need to extend our faith to help in long-term projects such as this, and ask you to join us in extending your faith and generosity to Jesus (as he identifies with the poor).

Here is their budget: $600 USD per month will allow them to feed 50 orphans, one meal, three days per week. This will keep them alive at least. We also need big pots and pans, spoons and plates which will cost a one time $450.

So we need 30 sponsors at $20 per month, or less if we have some one-time donations. Click on Donate button and when in PayPal, specify it is for Zimbabwe Project. Also specify if you are making a pledge for regular donation, or one-time. We will send out periodic reminders and updates, as the project unfolds. We will begin the program as soon as we can assure there will be a sufficient amount to get it started. If there is surplus, the money will go to the many other needs Pastor Dennis has shared with me – a widow job creation fund, getting a stove and freezer for the feeding program, etc.

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