Wrestling with Angels


When God called Abram to leave and go – “to the place I will show you” – i.e. the place of certain uncertainty, hilarious lack of control, but a place of growing confidence in the miraculous provision of Father – that’s the place where ladders descend from heaven, manna covers the ground, people wrestle with angels and come out limping!

That’s where we are now.

Will the ladders come down for us? The burning bush speak to us? Will God really come thru in ways that can only be attributed to Him?

I sure hope so, ’cause we’re committed now – teams are coming, tickets bought, down payment made, and we are sitting in Johannesburg, waiting for a miracle. Yeah, this would be a good time for God to show up!

And the exciting thing He is speaking to us – desiring Him more, learning to pray like we’ve never prayed before, and walk in lock-step with Him. And what if we could catalyze a prayer momentum that would indeed shift spiritual tectonic plates, catapult the dungeon dwellers, and see the fulfillment of all the dreams He placed in our hearts – “exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or even imagine”!!!!!

I read a story of a young, unconventional, single guy who went to an unreached tribe in China in the 1940’s. He had nothing that would have distinguished him as “most likely to succeed”. In fact, the opposite. What he did have was a trust in prayer. And a team back home that he prodded on until they actually believed as he believed – that the burden of the work lay on THEM, as much or more than on HIM. It was a result of THEIR prayers that a super-amazing spontaneous move of God blew thru those remote villages, broke down demonic kingdoms, and raised up the most unlikely church – with not a single person within days walking who had known Christ before, with no missionary visit, with nothing more than a rumor of a Savior or a Bible that had fallen into the hands of a traveler.

You guys know what we are praying for. We wanna see the fatherless children of Africa raised up with human surrogate fathers and mothers to love them and show them the love of their ultimate Father. We wanna see them changing the shape of African society with their Kingdom Living. We wanna see simple, Jesus-powered churches multiplying faster than we can manage them, and a generation of humble servant-leaders laying down their lives for their Loving Servant King. We wanna see the youth of our Western churches mobilized – not for short term mission-vacations, but for Kingdom exploits that will cost them everything they hold dear in this life, and even life itself! We wanna see Jesus’ Name sung about at campfires thru all of Africa – ESPECIALLY among the Tonga and Lozi tribes in Southern Zambia.

Will you pray with us that God would take us all the way, that our dreaming would not be in vain for lack of finances, that the mustard seed of faith would suddenly materialize into a reliable vehicle, rent money, property payments, pots and pans and mattresses and refrigerator, and some building materials for outhouse and covered structure for coming teams to camp under. Those are our major needs.

In dollars and cents – at this point our support partners are covering Regina and my personal budget needs (about $1100/mo). But we have only about $200/mo committed for the ministry, with a budget of about $3000/mo. And we need about $6000 immediately for start up costs.

You can see, this is a ridiculous miracle we (I think my wife is with me in this!) are believing for! And I am asking you to believe with me. Could you envision with me all of these things paid in full, and God getting a huge hand and another story of his exploits told? When I asked you to pray for the $8000 to come in for the down payment last July and the full amount came in with like $200 to spare ON THE DAY IT WAS NEEDED! That is what keeps me going – that God has shown He is our major supporter, and will underwrite, thru His Body, the work of His Kingdom.


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