Why Zambia?

Here is what the CIA World Factbook says about Zambia:


> 7th worst human poverty index in the world.

> 80% live on less than $1 a day.

> 70% unemployment rate.


> 11th highest death rate (from any cause) in the world.

> 3rd lowest life expectancy rate in the world (38 years).

> 7th highest AIDS infection rate in the world (25%).

> 5th highest AIDS death rate in the world.


> Over 1 million children are orphans.

> 50% of the country is UNDER the age of 16.

> The median age for the entire country is 15.76 years old.

> Highest per capita orphan rate in the world.

> 50% of Zambia’s children are so malnourished that their growth has been stunted.

> 34% of primary aged BOYS and 52% of primary aged GIRLS are NOT in school.

> 75% of young people will never get beyond the seventh grade.dying-child

Singanga Village, where we will start our home base, does not have a school for 11 km. It would take the children 2 hours to walk each way, so the village elders don’t allow children to go until they are 10. And then, the only school available is a primary school.

How can we stand by and do nothing? We saw it first-hand. So many children’s lives are being wasted. Look at this Pulitzer prize photo of the stark reality of life and death in Africa. This is taken in a refugee camp, and the photographer took his own life shortly afterward, overwhelmed with the pain of existence.

We can do something! We are looking for the darkest place to allow the Light to shine the brightest.

As we shared at one small church this weekend a lady said, “Do the children have books in their homes?” No, none of the children in most of these villages have a single book. “Well, what can I do to make that happen?” And we began to formulate a plan!

But Zambia is not all dark – it is also one of the most peaceful countries of Africa. There are 72 tribes and languages, but they are at peace with one another.  Zambia is the most English speaking country in Africa!

Joshua Project website (http://www.joshuaproject.net/ ) the Tonga tribe where we will work is considered 80% Christian Adherents – meaning they will tell you they are Christian. But 1.8% are actually living a life of faith in Jesus – nearly unreached. The “Priority Ranking” by Joshua Project is 57 ( The Priority-Ranking  was developed to identify the people groups that have the greatest spiritual need and priority attention. The higher the ranking the greater the need.) – surprisingly high for a country where 80% say they are already Christians.

Please join us in the effort to save the least and the lost in Zambia.

  • Donate – here on this page you will find a link. africa-2007-081
  • Pray for us and contact us that you are – we will send you prayer requests as they arise.
  • Come and join us in Zambia – 1 month or a dozen – give your life a chance to make a difference for some kids who you could really help.
  • Join the Bumstead’s financial team with monthly commitment of support.

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