Why is our daughter doing this??

Exactly 6 days before her wedding, my funny daughter of daughters is running in…


“The MOTHER of All Relays”

  • 197 miles
  • 12,000 runners
  • 28th Annual Year
  • 3,500 volunteers
  • August 28-29, 2009
  • Largest Relay in the World!
  • Incredible Adventure with Unbeatable Scenery
  • Fundraise for Charity of Choice: American Cancer Society
  • From majestic Mt. Hood to beautiful Pacific Ocean in Seaside

Do I hear you ask me why?

That is how she always has been. From infancy she would make up her mind in the most bizarre ways! When she was like 4 I remember waking her from a dead sleep in the morning and before she even had her eyes open, with her first sleepy sounds upon waking, out from her mouth would come this garbled sounding, “I gonna wear my cowboy boots and pink skirt today”.

I dreamed last night that I was carrying her crumpled body as she made the last heroic leg to the finish line.


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