Waiting for the Lord…

Ps 33:6* A king’s salvation is not in the power of his army; a strong man is not saved by his great strength. 17* A horse is a false hope; his great power will not make you secure. Our souls are waiting for the Lord; he is our help and our salvation.

My heart is constantly tested to put trust in something besides Jesus. When there is a promise of new resources I find my hope and joy circling like a vulture, eyeballing a tasty, tottering doe – “Ah, this will propel us into success!”

But when the day of trouble comes, my fear and doubt flare up like a prairie fire – “Woe is me. Maybe God has not said… Should we just give up? How will we accomplish what we came so boldly to do? What will people think of us…”

Another dear, long term worker has decided to move on. That makes 5 so far this year. Will others leave us as well? Will we work alone in this land? (I hate to publish this because I picture you thinking my negative thoughts – about God’s lack of favor, about our vision, or leadership… and truth be told, none of them are above scrutiny except the first.)

The house mother we had invested so much into, and had such high hopes for, has been hiding her pregnancy. We had to let her go – at least for a season. She was also a leader in our church. She is learning repentance and consequences for sin.

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In “the day of trouble” it’s easy for team unity to become porous – little backbitings and offenses creep in like mold in the corners. Excited Vision turns to Extended Vacations. Strategic planning for new ideas turns to second-guessing old ideas.

Rom 5:3* “..let’s have joy in our troubles: in the knowledge that trouble gives us the power of waiting; 4* And waiting gives experience; and experience, hope: 5* And hope does not disappoint.”

The power of waiting…

The strength of being needy and dependent on God to come thru…

Like a weaned child...” scripture says about our relationship with God. To be restrained from what I crave, yet broken, submitted to the deprivation.

I am looking forward to a season where the leaves have fallen – the fruit unseen – the winter having stilled growth. Perhaps we will learn new trust in Jesus, new power from the 40 days in the wilderness. If the fast and the testing produce more power and anointing then we are content. Perhaps our roots will go deeper. Perhaps we will lean more happily on one another.

For though the fig-tree has no blossoms, and there is no fruit on the vine, and work on the olive comes to nothing, and the fields give no food; and the flock is cut off from the stall, and there is no herd in the cattle-house: 18 Still, I will be glad in the Lord, my joy will be in the God of my salvation.”

It’s even possible that God will wait until the middle of winter, when our strength is finished, to bring forth His! 2 Co 12:9f “And he said to me, My grace is enough for you, for my power is made complete in what is feeble. Most gladly, then, will I take pride in my weakness, so that the power of Christ may be on me.”



  • Thanks to God for the completed adoption of Tizri into the Weismann family. This has been a long, heart-wrenching process, and the team has stood united with them even when it was hard. They will be returning to the States soon
  • Along with them Thad and Mary May and Sarah Bultman will be leaving – these came for 3 months to add strength while Bumsteads were on furlough.Thanks for your service.
  • A huge thanks to Jesus and His Body which has so generously treated us during our two months in N America. I want to mention them all: Open Door, Newburg Christian Assembly, The Hive, Second Street Silverton, TCF Remnant, Creekside Home fellowship, Wolford Group, Landmark 

    Thad and Mary May

    Fellowship, All Nations KC Church, Crossroads, Logsden Neighborhood. And then to the many individuals who hosted us – we could not name them all – but especially Andy and Norma Bumstead for putting up with us; Richard Wenger for the lovely trailer to call home; the Flamingo car from Gary Wenger, Bruce and Pat Cheadle for a fabulous week, Larry and Ina Reimer in Landmark, and tons more!

  • We are gearing up to build a little cottage for Regina and Dan on the village base. Our first staff house. Friends are coming mid Dec to help. Pray for 1. Grace to do it well. 2. Provision for more cottages. 3. Wisdom to know how.
  • A miracle in the works – a friend in Canada told me he felt impressed to find a few investors to buy a tractor for us if we can ship it across. I had little hope for that! Then next week in Michigan someone with a container going to Zambia said we could fill half of it! So that’s the first part of the miracle. Please pray that funds will come in to buy the tractor (we have already almost $10k!) and that many surplus things from Michigan area might just flow without constraint.
  • We continue to ask God for workers – office helpers, handiman types, mechanical types, disciple makers, builders, lovers of the poor and the lost. We love interns willing to come for a year or less, but especially we are praying for servants willing to come without time table. 

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