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“Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.” Rom 12:2 The Msg.

Time is not a high priced commodity here, so the fact that the three ladies arrived 40 min late to our arranged bible study was not a bombshell. We rescheduled to Sat afternoon.  And in an attempt to snag their husbands in the study we agreed to meet in the village.

As I wandered around their area of Singanga Village the next day, again I doubted that this summit would materialize. But within a few minutes, there they were – 5 ladies and a passel of kids.

I decided on this first study to do a quick God Story– going from Creation to Christ in 20 min, giving the kernel of the gospel message. As I started in on the angels, the wide-eyed wonder started. By the time I got to the creation of the world with God’s voice, it turned to incredulity and exclamations of alarm! It is such a huge honor to be called to a place that, although they have the appearance of religion, they are an open book, ready and eager for anyone to come and teach them the truths of the Word.

Sunday church was another extraordinarily unique affair. We have the meeting on our village base, but us “outsiders” keep a low-key influence, allowing the local leaders to decide and manage. During sharing time one youth got up and stunned us by confessing how he struggled to keep himself from having sex, when time after time girls come to his door and all resolve vanishes like the morning mist. I came and stood with him, encouraging the church that this kind of vulnerability was admirable.

Then another lady got up with much squirming, and confessed that she struggles with eating soil – yes, that’s right – good old dirt! This is a seriously addictive habit all over Africa! And it has become an obsession for her and she wants to quit. We all gathered with hands outstretched around her and prayed. Suddenly she started writhing as a spirit manifested. We subdued that parasite in Jesus’ Name and she was free.

Because we have had another rash of unwed pregnancies lately, the leaders asked me to preach a series on marriage and sex and singleness. This week I talked about how sex is designed as the summit of a once in a lifetime relationship of trust, commitment and love. Enjoying sex apart from that single relationship is destructive and condemned by God.

Many parts of this culture we have fallen in love with, but this concept of sex being reserved for a committed relationship of one man with one woman for life, is seriously not a part of their understanding.  As a church when we have exercised some degree of discipline when an unwed woman falls pregnant, our discussion leads to dismay that they have been so ignorant of the Biblical command.

I talked about how soul-ties are formed with a sex partner that follow us all our life, unless broken by God’s power.  Our homework is each one should bring a list of all their sexual partners next week and we will take authority over our temples and break these ties and burn the papers. Everyone is super excited!

On the way out of the village, we stopped by the house of a couple that requested we come to cleanse their house from occupying spirits. The couple has been tortured at night since moving into the house recently.

Next week someone came to my house to inform me that Elvis, one of our key youth disciples, was downed by an evil spirit. The troops gathered and ran to Komonyana Village to find him at his relative’s hut, with all the village elders sitting in a semi-cirlce around him, starring at his comatose body draped in a broken down lounge chair. As we stormed the heavenlies with our prayers – his eyes rolling lizard-like, his tongue a sickly whitish pimply mass, occasionally convulsing in spasms of hostile terror, occasionally yelling out incoherently, or breaking down in sobs – the elders sat and watched in shock. They have seen this many times – spirits run rampant here.

But what they may not have seen before – is when the spirits finally gave up the battle and ran scared! Suddenly we all knew the battle was won. Soon Elvis looked around in a dreamy, yet conscious haze, and asked for food!

Now word is getting around the villages – others are asking for us to come and chase evil spirits, and still others are asking for prayer for deliverance from the dirt-eating-addiction! And testimonies are coming in – God is faithful and a deliverer indeed.



We are starting a Discipleship School this week – The Wilderness Project – with a group of ten village youth that are seeking to know God and follow Him. Pray for these ten youth that are still entrapped by so many demonic and sensual nets. Pray for our staff to have wisdom and endurance to pay the price needed to shepherd them. Pray for one or two Disciple Makers to come from the N America to serve these youth. And if God is speaking to YOU – don’t pray, just act!  Email us today for details.

Would you like a Time-Share Chalet on the banks of the Mighty Zambezi River in southern Africa? We are looking for 5 investors of $1000 to get this project started, and your contribution will net you a part in your own vacation plot! See this video and email us for more info.

We are rejoicing with God in His power to save. A mighty movement is trampling enemy territory in our neighboring Tonga regions of Zambia. Two years ago we started teaching church planting principles to a zealous disciple. This man discipled others, who discipled others. Today, 2 years later, there are 32 churches and more than 800 people worshiping Jesus under the name of “Apostolic Church of Jesus for All Nations”. They are on their own – few of them have met me more than once or twice. Yet God’s Seed has started a wildfire of Life in these villages. Look at these videos.

We are also partnering with another apostolic zealot – David S – who is establishing a work on the border of Zambia and Tanzania near Lake Tanganika. He is doing outreach into many remote villages and training some disciples to take the message deeper. I will join him in June and July for 2 weeks of outreach and training. Please pray for this man and family who are responding to the call and vision that exceeds their own limited finance and manpower. Ask God if you are to be a vessel of supply. Love’s Door will gladly funnel finance and laborers. Or you can contact him directly – here.

Our House of Moses kids (see this video!) continue to “grow in stature and in favor with God and men”. They are such a fun and holy family – we feel so blessed to be a part of them. And yet the house if full. Pray with us for the funding and the timing to build another home on our Zambezi property. If God speaks to you, your church, your business partners – to invest, to design or build, to give Words of direction from God – please contact us.

Pray for God to grow and develop a team of Long Term workers. If you have felt a call to serve in Africa, in a tribal setting, serving the poor and sharing the gospel in an unreached people group – talk to us about steps you can begin taking to prepare.



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