“Undaunted Courage” an impacting book about Lewis and Clark, who, against all odds, faced and conquered the impossible. Their forward momentum was unquestioned – no peril or difficulty would dissuade them from their goal.

Aaron and 2 of his boys

Such an epitaph could be used of Aaron Mulenga. When we first met him in 2008 he was caring for 7 teenage orphans in his “home” – what most of us would call “rubble” – and running a feeding and teaching program for another 50 or more OVC’s in the community. He had no source of regular income and only one supporter – more moral support than financial – but he had a staff of volunteers who believed in, and followed him, though all of them were older and most, twice his diminutive stature! But his Faith, Courage, Commitment, Determination, and Joyful Optimism inspired men and women to follow and sacrifice as he did.

Aaron in back, his fiancee beside him, two teen girls,
In front – two of the three teen boys and one of the two children.
7 children all together.

Aaron has left his children in good hands and served with us for 6 months now. This month I traveled with Aaron to his home in Central Zambia – the Copper Belt. Here we are establishing his simple grassroots work as daughter of our Love’s Door 4 All Nations ministry in Livingstone. He has a team of two committed brothers and a soon to be wife – all excited about the partnership that will strengthen their hands and provide some resources and experienced wisdom.

They also have a piece of land as a site for future development in their neglected community, and a house full of orphans he is raising to shine as the future leaders of God’s army – 5 teens still remaining with him, and 2 preschoolers he has just found.These older kids are radiant with the same infectious Overcoming Optimism that Aaron exudes – a powerful testimony of the truth of the vision God has sent us here to live out, as well as the fruit of this man’s life. I would recommend this beginning work for all investors and pioneers of the Cross – come and join this man, invest in him, bring teams, lay down your life long term!

We will have a dedication of this work on November 10. Come and see!

POWER POINTS (for Prayer and Praise!)

  • Praise God, we had a sizable donation for this, our third Children’s Home. We are renting a 3 bedroom house, providing food and utilities and such for a year, starting a business that will eventually make the work nearly self-sustaining. You can’t know what a blessing this is to them – they have been living in a tiny 1 bedroom house with no electric or water for so long! Yet  always full of joy and optimism
  • You may sponsor one of these older children’s school fees, uniform, books, and shoes for $25/mo. We will send personal info and pic in response to your request. 3 girls, 2 guys. 
  • We are helping them with a self-sustaining business, but until that is profitable you may want to sponsor their food and utilities at $75/mo.
  • Pray for Aaron and his new bride as they start out their new sacred union. Aaron, as an orphan himself, has very little fatherly or motherly guidance except the inner Voice of Father giving him counsel. They have no mattresses or beds, few of the things we would call necessities, and yet they are seeking for a City whose foundations are from a Kingdom that cannot be touched or explained. 


Life on the Singanga Village site is full of adventure and progress – never a dull moment there!


Our Kitchen Roof is complete!

If you have not heard the whole story of our Water Pump adventure – well you and your kids are missing a good story. This is the fitting God story ending – something that can only be lift with 8 men and will serve us well for 20 years!

Our Saturday Work Days are a Blast!

The Kitchen will also serve as a meeting area
(church and team fun), and will have
solar lights and a fridge and locked storage,
with an office upstairs. We got another donation
to continue progress on this.

We had donations for two goats so far
(Bethany Wenger, Andrew Murray – thanks!)
Here is one with two babies and just yesterday
the other one had two babies also! So now it
will classify as a legitimate “herd”!!


We had a 2 day JDX teaching by several
of our staff to train the non-CPX staff and
associates. Very successful!

We got a new “mama” for the children’s home – Elena (30 year old single mom), and her 4 month old, Blessing. They have been a wonderful addition to the family, and soon we will be able to take more kids into our House of Moses.


Dan and Regina will be taking a furlough to the States for September and October. Basically we will be in Oregon and surrounds in Sept, and further afield in Oct. If you want to meet with us or have us share at church or small group, contact our friend Adam King at adamking37@yahoo.com

  • Don’t feel like you need to give us an offering. We are looking for the men and women or church groups God corners to partner with us. God is our provider – period!
  •  And God is the Great Connector of His Body – we provide an opportunity for the Western Church to love orphans and the dark places of the world; while you provide prayer cover, manpower, and financial support. 
  • If God wants people or groups to partner with us, He will put it on their hearts and open doors.

  • God is burning a challenging message on our hearts for the Western Church – “Unless a Seed fall into the ground and die it will remain by itself alone…”



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