Dan and Regina


Dan and Regina have been partners for 37 years, raised 3 wonderful birth children, and several children of choosing. Made their home in Oregon USA for most of their years, pastoring, building houses, homeschooling thru 12th grade.

Regina’s DISC profile has fluctuated between S-C and C-S, depending on what is required of her. Her spiritual gifts are service, administration and doing what no one else does!

Dan’s DISC profile is D-I – a friendly and gentle leader. His spiritual gifts are fathering, visionary leadership and pioneering (apostolic) passion.

Together they have birthed several ministries, the latest being  LOVE’S DOOR 4 ALL NATIONS ZAMBIA.

Regina’s main responsibilities at LD4AN Zam are Creating Community (making the home a nurturing environment), and Education in the Village. Dan’s main responsibilities include Leading the Team and the Orphan Ministry.


Mike Lungu

Mike Lungu was one of the original team at Love’s Door 4 All Nations Zambia. He is a native Zambian and local to Livingstone. He has been an accomplished worship leader at churches and at the All Nations Church Planting Experience (CPX) in Cape Town, SA.

Mike’s DISC profile is I-S – the life of the party, but also a true friend that will always be loyal. He is totally a people person. His spiritual gifts are passionate worship, intercessory prayer and encouragement.

Mike’s main responsiblity at LD4AN Zam is Associates (recruiting, training and leading a team of young Zambians from town who help us in the village ministry).


Nimisha is from South Africa and was a part of the original founding team in Zambia. Her conversion from Hinduism to Christianity when she was young shook her family, but thru her prayers and efforts a number of her family are now in Christ.


Nimisha’s DISC profile is S-C (she and Regina swap profiles according to the need) – making her a loyal friend with an eye to precision and integrity. Her spiritual gifts are pioneering (apostolic passion for reaching the unreached), intercessory prayer and pastoral care.

Nimisha has been a trained bookkeeper as well as a leader in evangelistic efforts for her church and at All Nations in Cape Town where all our long term staff are trained.

Nimisha’s area of responsibility in LD4AN Zam is Village Church – making disciples who will make disciples.


Jeremiah and Missy Weisman

Jeremiah and Missy have been married for six years during which they have been involved in missions in Eastern Europe, The States, South Africa and Zambia. Recently they have finished their degrees in Social Work in Minneapolis, MN, and are now committed long term at Love’s Door 4 All Nations Zambia. They traveled with Dan and Regina on the original scouting trip to Zambia and the bond was forged – with each other and with Zambia.

Missy’s DISC profile is I-D – making her an enthusiastic leader and mobilizer. Jeremiah’s profile is S-C – (someone has to pick up the pieces!) making him a steady, loving, loyal friend with integrity and wisdom. Jeremiah’s spiritual gifts include pastoral care, wisdom, teaching. Missy’s include encouragement, networking, leadership, and mentoring.

Jeremiah and Missy are all about Orphans. In fact, they plan on adopting some Zambian children as well as bulldozing a road for others to follow in this wonderful ministry. They will also work with the orphan ministry in the village and establish new orphan programs for town.


Sarah Bultman

Sarah Bultman is a recent major addition to our Team. She comes from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Sarah is a multi-faceted gem – naturally talented in art and music, trained in web and videography, experienced in missions. She was part of a Boiler Room in Grand Rapids (to which we are connected at the hip) and on staff at a large partnering church (Crossroads Bible Church) as Missions Coordinator until the time she joined us.

Sarah’s DISC profile is S-I which accounts for her love for one on one discipleship, as well as enthusiastic group leadership. Her spiritual gifts are MERCY!! and evangelism and service.

Sarah’s main responsibility at LD4AN Zam is developing and operating a Children’s Ministry in the village. She is also working on a Video Production for the ministry.


Thad and Mary May

Thad and Mary are our most recent additions – yet it is as if they have been here from the beginning. They bring such a wealth of experience and heart to the Team. Thad and Mary have been married for 36 years, successfully raised 4 children, developed challenging careers, and provided strength and leadership to the Church.  Thad is a Civil Engineer in Water; and Mary is a Nurse. They have lived in Zambia, working on an engineering project, and led numerous mission trips here as well.

They also have been part of a boiler room in Kansas City, where they are from and went to All Nations CPX training in Kansas City.

Mary’s DISC profile is S-C like so many of our Team, creating a loyal, caring, careful worker. Thad’s profile is I (very high!)-S, making him pure fun! Mary’s spiritual gifts are mercy, encouragement and prophecy, and Thad’s are hospitality, exhortation and prophecy.

At this time the Mays are working hard building their home in Singnaga Village and learning Lozi. But in time they will be able to invest themselves into their primary responsibly – Development, for Thad; and Health Care, for Mary. Mary is also covering the area of Prayer/Worship.

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