The Promised Land!

p1010883We have finally arrived at this landmark on our path that we have long been awaiting – we have “moved” to Zambia. We have been praying for this for so long, it is hard to believe it is really done.

No, we don’t have a house yet (crashing temporarily at a missionary friend’s), but we have a pickup (bakkie for our SA friends) with all our worldly goods stuffed into the back, and we have two team partners here (Mike and Nimisha) along with a few still waiting for the right moment to join us. We have land for a base of ministry in a village of so much potential. And we have a team coming from our own discipleship school in Oregon to break in the ground and set the ministry wheels rolling. We also have a number of people coming to help and conspire with us at sometime on the horizon. So we feel almost at home.

We prayed so hard about our trip north, full of so many potential hazards on the road and especially at the hands of greedy border marauders – but God gave us the smoothest trip ever : 14 elephants standing in majestic greeting, potholes filled to reasonable smoothness, border marauders turned to gentlemen concerned for our welfare! And the pickup ran sooo nice! THANK YOU JESUS!!

Our missionary friends have invited us into their castle until we find our own, and our fellowship is sweet. Heiko flies ultralights over the Falls and is a source of endless radical African adventure stories.  His wife Anita has been so welcoming and hospitable in opening their home to us.

So thanks to you who prayed for us – God be praised for His faithfulness.

Now the mission: we went to the village property on Wednesday – a 4×4 fanatic’s dream come true! Already, at just the beginning of the rainy season, the road is nearly impassable. We learned that many missionaries go home during this time because village access is severely limited. We talked to the headman about making another road that would be better – pray for success here.

But it was sweet to be there – they were so welcoming and happy for us to come. The headman was groaning about the people in the village who drink and carouse and told Mike, “I am happy that you will bring the gospel to us in this village”!! He may be our first “man of peace”!

We walked the land and established corners and boundaries with the headman and villagers. We are impressed again that they have more initiative and sanctified character qualities than many we have met. The neighboring village is jealous and trying to give us some problems, and this headman is young and so is reticent to confront them too strongly. Pray for him.

Now here is the next list of prayer missiles:

  • Pray for a house – we are expecting around 30 people will be thru our base before the end of August – we need big space, cheap space, space that does not demand constant attention.
  • Is there a plumber-handyman who could serve us for 6 months?
  • And is there a desk geek who could serve us until Sept making phone calls and arranging teams and making an office here? You could serve orphans too.
  • Pray for a “roadway in the wilderness” – the mud bogs.
  • Pray for agreement with the neighboring village – that the land boundary will be established without contest and they will quit burying people there.
  • Pray for finances to be released – a steady $3000 per month.

We just heard the Mandate team is leaving Oregon Jan 1, returning Feb 15 or so. If you want to join – better hop to!

If you have some year-end giving that is still undesignated, would you consider blessing us with a donation?

Or if you want to give a Christmas gift to some orphans in Ngwenya Village, we are going to give them a Christmas celebration on the 25th – food, gifts, clothes, love and courage – perhaps Bibles if we can. If you want to designate a gift to them write on your donation – “orphan Christmas”.

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