It was an unusually dark night with only a few rouge stars penetrating the cloud cover, as we made our way quietly to Stanley’s hut on the outskirts of Singanga Village. Tammy was leading the charge to take our worship night to the village (often we enjoy this special night with just our House of Moses kids and our staff, dancing on our moon-lit island). This week, after prayerful listening, she decided on Stanley’s house.

It was so dark outside his hut – only a small cooking fire behind the circle of worshipers illuminating the lighter skinned faces. We started out rather tentatively with “Shout to the Lord” and “There is Power in the Blood”. But soon Tammy’s voice was belting out the melody “These are the Days of Elijah” with the House of Moses Kids shouting along behind her. “Freedom!” became a Spirit-led theme.

As we were moving into more adoring worship I gradually noticed a commotion over in the darker shadows of the gathering. Something nefarious was happening. I went over to see and there was a village lady being played like a marionette by the Enemy – writhing and hitting at the praying hands outstretched. Eventually the Lord subdued the evil spirit and she lay there calm and reflective, but still disoriented and confused. Was she fully delivered?

As the prayer and worship night concluded with a last powerful proclamation of “Freedom”, a few of us accompanied her and her children to her hut and said a final prayer with her. Even then, as we prayed, her hand was twisting like a snake – the Enemy is subdued, but not fully expelled.

We have seen more of this lately. Just last week we had our worship night at Sugar Village – a notoriously drunken community. As we worship we sense there is a call for healing prayer and numerous people respond. As we start praying God shows up and starts healing one after another, and one lady even falls down under the power of God on her. (This is refreshingly real, in a setting where no TV has prompted them to displays of religious showmanship!) Then across the fire-lit circle, a commotion of the Enemy begins to shout and fight. But God is the One bringing those pusstulent infections to the surface – and thru cooperation with Him, we were again able to see the Enemy expelled.

The next week a lady in a nearby village started “going crazy” – most likely under the influence of demons. She begins spreading word far and wide that “ThatChurch of Fabian (a church leader in Mbangweta Village) and Dan” is Satanic. Some of the people who had been touched by God are shaken and begin to doubt. Thankfully some of our
faithful workers came the next day to follow up on our fruit, and encourage them to keep pressing into God.

It is never more apparent that we are at war. As we take new territory by God’s power, Satan is busy picking off the weak stragglers.

About a month ago Lizzy, a long time friend and Bible Study recipient, first dared to come to a Sunday morning service, in stark defiance of her loyalty to her tribe and spiritual traditions. The next week she became seriously ill, and we feared a demonic attack, or possibly a curse in retribution to her defiance. She survived and, amazingly, courageously, came again to church the next week, further aggravating the Enemy and community. This obedience to Jesus’ call may be the thing that then provoked the demonic attack on her during our worship night at Stanley’s house. Satan is riled up and not going down without a fight.

But the next day, there she was at church a third time and we all clapped as she came, victorious over the assaults of the enemy. When a warrior pushes thru the resistance we all celebrate! Kelvin preached on Freedom that morning and at the end she stood up and declared in a loud voice that she was claiming full Freedom from the enemy!

A warrior is born! “…the kingdom of heaven is forcibly entered and violent people take hold of it.”


• With this amazing team of 14 staff workers we have multiplied our ministry and effectiveness in the village and in the lives of our own children. Progress is being made like never before! Thank God with us for this season! But in a few weeks 3 interns are heading back to the States, and a few weeks later one of our Zambian workers is heading to college and another will be taking courses while working with us – greatly diminishing his labor. Pray that God might replace some of these amazing workers with others – some for 3 years or 1 year. Pray also for some quality Zambian workers.

• Thank God with us for the outpouring of blessing for purchasing this van that is even now on the ocean coming from Japan to Tanzania and will arrive in time for Christmas!!! Jingle bells! Hallelujah! Pray with us for even greater abundance – so we can fully pay for the remaining sums and may not need to sell our tractor.

• Our last blog (Justice Come!) had an immediate response and suddenly 6 older students, who had dropped out of school, are suddenly sponsored! Halleluiah. Again, what a privilege to be able to reach into the lives of these vulnerable ones and try to secure them for Kingdom purposes. Our “Kick Start Program” (getting them back into learning mode) has mushroomed to over 20 students in a matter of a month. We are thankful, but overwhelmed. Older students require a lot more energy and resource. One sponsor alone does not nearly cover the expense. Even two. Schools for the upper grades are expensive and the additional supplies as well. Soon we will need a house in town to safely house and disciple these vulnerable village youth that need to come to town for their upper grades. And we need more workers who are devoted to discipling and tutoring and counseling these youth. What an opportunity! Pray for workers. Pray for the funds to do it well.

• Regina and I are getting tired I’m afraid. Our health and energy lag more often now. We are praying for a few partners to walk with us and even to allow us to walk behind them. Pray for God to touch some hearts.

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