Thank You All!!!

Regina and I are winding down our two month time in the land of good and plenty. We want to thank all the people and churches that made our stay so fruitful.

IMG_0033For Regina and me, pouring into our children’s lives is our highest Kingdom duty, privilege and strategic investment. We are living in Philomath Oregon – living in a trailer behind our oldest son, beside the pastor of this church, in front of our daughter’s family, and just a few miles from our other son and spiritual-daughter! Evenings of work parties and popcorn movies, canoe trips and a beach get-away, year’s goals and worship times – investing in lives – challenging to growth – building unshakable Kingdom in these who are our joy and crown above all others. Our new little Constance Marin is the cherry on top the cake. We will soon have our parting three days at the beach house (thanks Caleb and Hanna Showalter!) praying for next year’s goals, worship, fun, goodbyes.

Let me give a whirlwind of Thank You’s :


For the Churches that have opened their doors to us to come and share this year, and have given of their people and money to partner in the mission to reach the unreached with the Gospel of Christ, and to Touch the Unloved with the transformative Love of Christ:

  • Newberg Gospel Assembly – prayer warriors and sacrificial regular investors in our work.
  • Sheridan Open Door Community Church – some of our dearest friends and regular partners.
  • Oak Street Church in Silverton – turning OctoberFest corn dogs into Kingdom Advance!
  • Deep and Wide Church, McMinnville – a deep new partnership in these last couple years where teams have come twice and one of our dearest and best interns! And now they are doing a benefit concert on December 7 for building another orphan home, and are developing an orphan sponsorship program that will soon hit the public.
  • Northwest Community Church in McMinnville has encouraged us with their prophetic ministry and are discussing the possibility of bringing a cleansing deliverance ministry to the villages of Zambia!
  • Logsden Community Church with relationships spanning 35 years has embraced us again.

  • Toledo Christian Fellowship remnant blessed us with a night of fellowship.
  • Desert Streams Church in Bend has been a new addition to the churches we have visited.
  • And last but not least, the Hive in Corvallis, which has become our home. A place that invests in us and into which we are able to impart a little as well as we are able – including the Mandate School that is again planning a trip to serve with us this year (contact us if you want to join this group in January and February).
  • IN MICHIGAN: Crossroads Bible Church in Grand Rapids has continued to be our largest investor, having sent three semi long term team members, 15 or more interns, I probably shouldn’t say how many thousands of dollars over the last 3 years, 3 of our board members, sent a container full of goods, and too much more to count. This year they are planning on sending a team for the first time, set up an office with a volunteer worker, and committing to help build another orphan home.
  • IN MANITOBA: Landmark Christian Fellowship – got my socks knocked off with blessing this year – AND they are planning on bringing a team this year.

  • We are also blessed to be welcomed into the DOVE family network of churches.

And there are several individuals that need special mention:

  • IMG_1027Amanda Hakola, who single handedly fed two work crews building our rental house. Then opened her house to host us to the group she gathered from her church! And now they are praying about coming to serve with us for a time!

  • 2009-12-31 23.00.00-127 All the volunteers who have been building a rental house for the Bumstead’s residual income – Andy for leading the framing crew, Andrew for leading the foundation crew, Luke for the roofing, Jason for organizing all the crews and finding the house plan, and all the workers on all those crews, and especially Tim Wenger for doing all the contracting work. Thanks all!

  • Luke and Emily Martin who let us use their lovely trailer to live in for two months, and Jason and Liana for letting us use their car.

  • To Jeff and Shauna Hall and lovely kids in Redding who have become like our kids, offering friendship and plowing heavily into us; as well as their folks, Eric and Arla Roles, who have adopted us and our cause to invest in. Thanks to you.

  • To the many quiet regular partners who send their money every month – God will reward you for your faithful obedience and investment into “the least of these”.

  • To the businessmen who see their businesses as a means to acquire to capitalize Kingdom initiatives.

  • To the prayer team that actually prays for us, giving us words from God and encouragement.

  • To all the interns who have given months and years of their lives to serve the poor and the lost in some of the darkest conditions – it is not easy, but you have given freely. God bless you.

  • Bruce Cheadle at 77 years is the chairman of our board and is single-handedly (or should I say, on his knees and in his action combined) moving mountains to keep us funded and on track to accomplish all that God has called us to.

  • To Linda Vollman who continues to take care of our finances and mail and so many details for us while we are gone.

I know there are many many more to thank, who have given of themselves for us and for the work that Love’s Door has undertaken.


  • Many of you have been praying for David and Ndanda – two of our orphans from House of Moses. They were taken almost by force – the chief himself contending to make it happen – to undergo a ceremony in which they are given the spirit of their ancestors. This shocked us that this happened under our watch. It has deeply shaken us. They were returned and anointed in prayer, but we are still contending to have David returned to our custody. I had a good talk with the relatives today and see that he is back with us finally. Keep praying for them.

  • Sustainability. What if the Bumsteads died suddenly? What would happen to the many orphans we are caring for? We had dreamed of making gardens and cows and businesses to make them sustainable, but we are a long long way off from that. What about college or even High School? What about a bride price and a business startup for the kids who graduate out? I made sure my own kids were secure – but what about when my family has mushroomed like this! But this is not just my family – is it not yours!? Is it now we who are partnering together in this work that must carry the obligation for the long-range security for these, our children? Are they not God’s children whose earthly parents have been taken, and we their bond man (the responsible closest relative, as Boaz to Ruth)? Please pray with me about this. What if we all shared in a common commitment to contribute monthly for the orphan ministry – an orphan sponsorship program – and for years on end that money would be designated for that end? What if we knew that even if all other fund raising efforts ceased, there would be a continual income until these kids are 18? What if we had a trust account? Please pray and act.

  • Social Welfare asked us to take a family of 5 siblings. Another man in the village called me today to ask us to come and get a five year old. Mama Susan has found several children in town that need a home. When 20% of kids are orphans, there is more need than we can manage. Please pray with us for funding for another Children’s Home. $30,000 for a duplex – enough for 20 more kids! If we can get the money by early Jan we will schedule a WORLD WIDE WORK PARTY! Carpenters from all over gathering to put up this home in record time – show those Amish how to do it!

  • Pray for us also to establish our Vulnerable Children’s Program that is needed so desperately in the villages for those who are too old to take into the home or for some reason the guardians will not allow them. I saw Elvis and Abel today – getting so so thin and weak looking. They are older brothers, but excellent kids, of some of our kids in House of Moses. If you or someone you know could come for a year and help establish such a program in the villages, many kids would sleep at night without aching hunger or fear.

  • Last call for an operations manager. I am going to put out a classified ad and hire some Zambian to come and run our show. If you know anyone who wants to have a one-year time of his/her life, that is good with details and strong enough to push us all into some semblance of order, young person or older couple, have them write us immediately.





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