Dan Bumstead, Founder and Board Chairman

Dan Bumstead

Founder and Board Chairman

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Dan and Regina Bumstead have been partners for 40 years, raised 3 wonderful birth children, and several children of choosing. Made their home in Oregon USA for most of their years, pastoring, building houses, homeschooling thru 12th grade. Regina is equal to none at service (doing what no one else wants to do!), raising children (making our orphan children know they are valued and loved) and hospitality – making our Team House a home. Regina’s Strengths are: Harmony, Achiever, Discipline, Empathy, and Input, making her a powerful pastoral person who loves to work hard! Dan is a friendly and gentle leader with spiritual gifts of fathering, visionary leadership and pioneering (apostolic) passion. His top Strengths are: Stragegic, Self-Assurance, Belief, Focus and Futuristic. Together they have birthed several ministries, including Love’s Door 4 All Nations. Regina’s main responsibilities at LD4AN Zam are Creating Community (making the home a nurturing environment), Pastoring the Interns, and Orphan Ministry. Dan’s main responsibilities include Leading the Team and International Operations Management.


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