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Machasia, a new guy to the village, could hardly contain himself as he sat around the fire and heard the Bible story he had never heard before – God creating the angels. He and the other 6 Leaders asked so many questions – “why did God create Lucifer if he knew…. ?” At the end of the story they were all challenged – “who can you meet with this week to repeat this story with?” He knew right away. He went to the first person he could find – the headman of the neighboring village – told him the story. Then to the place he is staying he told a bunch of teens staying there with him. Other Leaders pealed out in different directions telling their friends. Soon they will have regular studies. Then regular simple churches. Then a movement.

You cannot understand how liberating this is to people who have never learned to read, to be able to be a Bible Study leader and offer something that no one else has – the Bible in living technicolor – a living story! For people who have never exercised their minds to learn and memorize stories; to learn memory verses in their language!

Last month we reported that the CPX team had made 13 potential leadership contacts. We have this month met with them every week for leadership training. About 15 – 19. Some solid converts, some still working out their salvation.

Then we meet with the same leaders during the week for one on one discipleship. We decided to start small and do it well. Discipleship cannot be rushed or skipped over lightly. We want to see lives transformed.

We had a Jesus Celebration Gathering Thursday night – 100 believers from 7 villages. There was song and testimonies, a meal of Nshima that numerous mama’s cooked during the day. We ended with a strong sermon by Ken and a prayer of rededication to the life of following Jesus.

We are very encouraged – the church is rising up. Earlier this year I sensed, without much evidence, that we were on the verge of a breakthrough. Today we are seeing the evidence! It is still a mustard-seed, but not for long.


We have been so blessed with this most recent team of 9 gap year students from Johannesburg, SA – The Barn is the name of the church. Piet and Leah Bakers are the leaders and have done a great job of serving us and the people in the villages. Mike Lungu is leading them on our side. We hope to partner with them further.


We have not made much headway on the Kitchen building project. Praise God for a donation from our friends in Birmingham Ala. We ordered the coolest interlocking brick making machine should start making bricks any day! We need 4000 for this first building – Anyone interested in coming to help for a few months (here’s an app or a view of our website)? We still need two more donors for about $3-4000 each to complete this project.

But just having solar lights shining from the blue tent porch, an electrical strip for charging electronics, the fence and gates allowing us privacy and security – it is starting to feel more like home, and we are getting comfortable with the idea of actually having little homes scattered around filled with zealous, resting staff.


We were all blind-sided by this one – our unnamed interns from Birmingham, who came to us for 6 months to work on construction and help in the House of Moses – well, they have fallen in love! Actually, they want to adopt and they think they know the little one. We can’t give out much info yet, but stay tuned. This is surprising information for all of us.

When Weismanns came and said they wanted to adopt, then create a highway for others to do it – well, we thought there might be a little breathing room between them! But as they are finalizing their adoption, our other interns are just starting. We are happy for all of them.


We had a refreshing staff retreat after our Cpx team left. It was good to relax, refocus, and reload. We are blessed with such a wonderful staff! But honestly, the personal sacrifice that many make can only be done well if we stay focused on sharing the sufferings of Christ, and securing for Him the reward for His sacrifice – the souls of the Lozi and Toke Leya peoples. Each of us breaks down at times, and we need one another to survive. Recently we have suffered some very direct spiritual attacks – demonic things that you would not see in America.

Our African staff need to become bi-vocational to be sustainable. Please pray for these guys who sacrifice so much to serve with us.


  • To finish our kitchen – $6000
  • Staff needed: Administration/clerical; handiman; agriculture; long-termers.
  • Capitol for Staff businesses – $2000 and/or donated electronics.

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