Progress in action…

Dan and Owen (our Operations Manager) traveled 16 hours by car to Luanshya Base of Love’s Door. Here is the report:


The ministry in Luanshya continues to flourish, especially since the Twashuka Community Center was dedicated on my last visit in Feb. Although the building is not yet complete, it has become the center of activity for the ministry and the village. The building was conceptualized from the beginning as a community project, and it has become so. Although we have paid for the major construction phases of the building from the generous donation of one family, the whole effort was undergirded with volunteers from the community – cooking, making the clay blocks, working on the grounds, and even now they are painting and plastering the buildings.

Twashuka Community Center

Twashuka Community Center










Community School: Every weekday morning up to 160 children show up for school. These are kids in the community that were not previously going to school, so Charles sensed a call from God to begin teaching them, not knowing where the teachers would come from or the materials. Before he even shared his leading with others two ladies came to him and asked if they could come and teach children. He warned them there was no pay at this time and they would need to be committed. They were willing.







Leaders training: On Wed and Friday and Sat afternoons all the church leaders gather for training and encouragement. There are usually about 30 leaders and about 20 house churches and Bible studies. The amazing thing about this leaders meeting is the authenticity of it all. They share their needs, their sins, their victories. They pray for one another and never condemn. One woman shared she was not able to kick the habit of alcohol. Another has been able to come out with her HIV positive status.







Soccer For Change is a program Charles Mwila has developed to reach the youth. Before each practice the kids have a bible study, a time of personal sharing and prayer requests, and then prayer.







Literacy Program: Three evenings a week they run a literacy program for adults who want to learn to read.

 Sustainability: There are two teachers and two men who work on the building who are working full time for no pay. They know they are in need of food and provision, but they are trusting God to provide for their needs as they serve. So Love’s Door is helping them with a brick making business. First, the two men will be able to use the brick machine and cut down the gigantic ant hills on our base to make the bricks like you see here. This will be their own business. Secondly, the school will begin charging the families to bring their children to school – just a small amount per month. Those who cannot pay will be required to make a certain amount of bricks.







Aaron and Jen Mulenga and Charles Mwila are our two main leaders in Love’s Door Luanshya. Charles is volunteering full time with no reimbursement. We would like to help him start a cement block making business that he can manage while continuing his heavy involvement in the ministry.

Aaron and Jen are operating the House of Noah, our Luanshya children’s home, which covers their basic living expense but not much more. Love’s Door wants to buy them a car to hire out to a taxi driver as a side income for them.

CPX Team: All Nations Cape Town has sent a team of students from the Church Planting eXperience school for two months to help in the ministry here in Luanshya. We are praying that some may be called to return here to serve long term.



1. Thank God for the tremendous generosity of so many donors over the years. This building was completely paid for by one family! God is good all the time.

2. If you want to help with supporting staff – for Charles Mwila’s brick business, Aaron Mulenga’s taxi business, Mike Lungu’s tourism business, Stanley M’kanda’s unknown business! – just donate and make a note of it’s designation. These guys are worthy servants of Christ and deserve a wage.

3. Pray for Dan’s health – he has been experiencing debilitating dizziness for quite a while and is seeking God for a healing touch.

4. Our Family Table project (sponsoring vulnerable orphans to join YOUR family table) is growing steadily and we have just taken on two new volunteer administrators! Give thanks to God for willing helpers, and pray for them that they will have grace to do the job well. If you want to join the team – grant writer, promoter, or come to Zambia and help train up these kids – give us a jingle.

5. We sense God is leading us to be more self-sustainable in our ministry. We want to start several new initiatives – pigs and fish farm for now – pray for resources and wisdom.

6. We are happy to announce Zambia’s first Church Planting eXperience (CPX) training. Coming in April 2016. It will be a 3 week intensive hands on training in catalyzing church movements. It will feature Floyd McClung and Dr. Pam Arlund as primary speakers. Our Livingstone base and Zimbabwe’s Vic Falls base will co-host the event. Details to be published. Start preparing if you are interested.


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