Precious Stones found in Zambia!


Re 21:19  The foundation stones of the city wall were adorned with every kind of precious stone.



We hear there are emeralds out west – that it is an area “like the wild west” – lawless, wild – a little girl standing on a heap of emeralds selling them for $10 each. Others will kill and be killed for them. They say politicians have their fingers in the honey pot, licking off any potential benefit the country might have from such a wonderful natural resource. The face of Africa is pocked with pussing sores where these gifts of God have been discovered, leaving infectious craters where demons flock. Most of Africa’s demonically inspired atrocities – and there are many – have their beginnings in such pits of “my precious” (say it like Gullim) worth killing for.

 Wake up Africa! Shake the deceptive dust from your eyes. The precious stone is not what is being sold for $10, but it is the little feet that are standing on the pile – the little hands held out to the stranger – the little matted head with hunger and soul-neglect showing thru her eyes. The world, in it’s blindness, has valued what God has rejected, and rejected what God has placed as the finest diamonds in his treasury. If more diamonds were found in Zambia would we have a better economy? A better education? Less hunger and prostitution? Would gold transform this nation? No. The opposite I am afraid.

But think of the other possibility. Orphans are a dime a dozen. In a school I visited last week of 1100 students, 450 orphans. In a dozen soccer kicking boys, the relatives pointed out to me 4 orphans. UNICEF states that that 38% of Zambian children are orphans – the highest country rate in the world – and 1 in 7 households in Zambia are led by an orphan no older than 14.

Think of the possibility – starting hundreds of Jesus Communities – little clusters of orphan homes, headed by a Jesus filled mom and dad who will love and raise these ones in the power of God, not dependent on resources of the west other than the start up of the home and garden and business that will support them and even take them thru college. Think of the potential of thousands of kids being immersed in Kingdom – their lives truly radically transformed – the Zambian culture that reflects heaven, amplified – the culture that originates in hell, purged with blood and fire. These will be true Zambians. Future presidents. Then there will be a future for Africa.

Agrippa and Janette Phiri are raising such gems at Kwathu Children’s Home. We have seen the transformation of these 9 little ones – many with heartbreaking stories of abuse and poverty – but in the eight months we have known them they are like different children – happy and obedient, attentive and helpful.  Global Outreach has a base where they have been mining such gems – 54 of them now – for years – just about to send their first batch to college! Rob Murphy is volunteering at a ministry that has been preaching the gospel in Zambia for 100 years – but just in the last 5 years they have started this baby house that takes vulnerable and orphaned children from impoverished village homes where they would have little hope of survival, and raise them for a few years, then transplant them back into their home soil, if possible, once hearty.

I am eager to get started on our first orphan home. I am envisioning simple African style homes for 8-10 children (12-1400SF), cement floor and mud walls, with basic indoor plumbing and outdoor cooking. Cheap, simple, filled with the Love and Life of Jesus. Three to five in a cluster, forming a Jesus Community that is a center in that community – from which the gospel will be planted in many hearts.  Then in the next community another three.

‘Will we find the children to fill them?” I asked at an orphan care giver.  “Without a doubt! What we are doing is just a drop in the ocean of need. As soon as there is a bed available, it will be filled.” Can you imagine the destiny laying in that bed? Can you imagine the worth of that child that Jesus bought with his own blood? Can you imagine hundreds of such gems taking the Sword and the Cross thru Africa and into the world?

Let’s build.

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  • Cliff Martin
    February 12, 2010 (1:58 pm)

    A beautiful blossoming vision. Bless this vision, Father! Long range. It will take a generation or two to see the full potential fruit. But any other approach is stop-gap at best, and promises only short-lived benefits.

    (Very well written by the way, Dan. After reading it in my email — where the author is not credited — I expected to find Regina’s name on it here. That’s a major compliment!)

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