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First off a big thanks to all the people who madPicture1e this Fishing Raffle such a great success! We have a winner –Tim Loughrin from Manitoba! Good luck fishing!  Thanks to all donors.  Thanks to Larry and Karlee Reimer from Manitoba who did most of the work.  Most of all thanks to Knife Lake Lodge who donated this tremendous $12,000 trip.

Picture2Secondly, a good farewell to our long time partner in Mike Lungu. Mike wants to build his business for himself. We will miss him terribly, but feel confident he is doing what is best for him at this time.  Once he has a booming tourist business, he will hopefully continue working with us in the villages. God bless you Mike! Please send your encouragement to him –

Picture3We almost have enough poles now to start building the church building in Mbangweta Village. They are so ready for this – cold season (right now), hot season, and rainy season are tough for this resilient church, just sitting under the tree. If you want to help with building this building or send words of encouragement or prayer – all are welcome.

Picture4Ginger Martin was such a wonderful friend and impacted our lives so much. It has always been in our hearts to build an herb garden in her honor – and we are finally doing it!  We are calling it “The Ginger Garden”.  Jake and Tammy Bumstead are leading the way.

Picture5Tim and Chris Phillips along with their 4 boys from Oregon are coming in August to serve the Least and the Lost. Hopefully we will have a 720 SF cottage in this site for them when they arrive. If you would like to donate to this project we would so appreciate it – speed it on it’s way!

And speaking of building – Josiah Wenger is heading up the work on this Upper Room, which will house Jake and Tammy Bumstead soon, so Dan and Regina can leave their little tent and return to their cottage by the river.

Picture6Bucket Garden Project. We have chosen 4 youth from desperate families, who will each develop two rows of veggies. We will guide these youth in gardening skills, then sales, then in money management, then in investment into a larger business at their own house. Anita O’Connell is heading up this project. If anybody wants to adopt this project with your church or youth group, please contact us.


We have started a leaders training meeting in Sugar village – pulling all of our village leaders together once a week for training and accountability.


Picture8Our staff and interns are great! Here is Kelvin who is caring for his chickens.

Shaina Cornwell – leading the garden effort and hosting the World Race Team!

Faith Holt – hero of the kitchen!

Josiah – the base hammer swinger.

Picture9Everlyn is heading up Cherish groups – purity groups for young girls. So far she has one going and two more that she is preparing for. Jake is getting with some of the jealous young guys – who want the same opportunity to talk candidly about girls and sex.

Picture10And please consider sponsoring a child or two. We are so amazed to see the lives being changed as we invest in these young ones weekly.  New children or parents are coming to me every week wanting a chance to go to school again. This is a typical orphan from Lioka Village, living with a grandmother and 9 other grandkids.  Another three from Singanga Village came to me last week – their father had been killed last year by an elephant and have been out of school since then. $30 a month will get them to school with uniform, shoes, backpack and books, monthly food, and most importantly, weekly investment into their lives by loving staff. That, along with your prayers and letters will change their lives forever!

From all of us at Love’s Door in Zambia – goodbye


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  • isabel ngenda
    July 8, 2016 (8:41 pm)

    Comment,thank you so much love doors,i really appreciate you in zambia,God knows why you are here,and i know that you are touching/changing lives keep it up,rural areas are neglected places but you chose to take a word of God there,may the Good lord bless you people,and only him has the last conclusion..keep it up!!!!!!

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