Over the Atlantic – by Regina


We packed our bags with dreams and good ideas and memories of the past few months, juggled a lengthy list of details and said a multitude of goodbyes.  Maybe, with practice, we’re getting better at this-although I can’t imagine ever not being wrenched at leaving my much-loved family, my sweet blond granddaughter who asks uncomprehendingly, “You going to Af-ri-ka?”

But on our day of departure, cruising high above the fruited Midwest plains, my devotional book reminds me of this:  “Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it remains a single grain; but if it dies away in the ground, the grain is freed to spring up in a plant bearing many grains” (John 12:24).  This is the truth repeated throughout the Bible-from death springs life.  And mixed with the small dyings in my heart is a rising tide of excitement and expectation, a desire to put my hand  to this plough in front of us.  Today, we’ve made it through the night over the Atlantic and the sky is pink with dawn.  Lord, let us be found faithful in this new day!  Let this plant bear many grains.

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