Our Vision

Love’s Door 4 All Nations Vision :

What will we look like in 2021???

In 2021 along the Zambezi where Love’s Door 4 All Nations Zam ministers and shares life there is tremendous transformation where the team has shared life over the past decade.

There is a huge network of multiplying house churches that has become a Holy Spirit-led movement which has resulted in strong marriages and loving families.  Domestic abuse, child neglect, and all forms of dysfunction are disappearing rapidly.  In rural Zambia the many families have discovered a brand new Biblical worldview.

Orphans have experienced this mighty change as well as they set the example for those around them, by reaching out to others to comfort, care, and share with the needy.  The children are the ones who have started an incredible movement among the youth of moral purity that spreads across this whole region.  The youth are models  of purity and holiness for the continent of Africa.

Orphans are experiencing what other children in this extended network have received: a high quality of education which they complete eagerly as they launch into higher degrees and various areas of employment.  The fully educated children are becoming standouts as leaders in Business, in Education, in free enterprise, in Health Care, as Engineers, and in Government posts.  But these leaders never forget their roots as they “give back” and contribute funds and their own time to their families and villages to nurture them into shining examples of community transformation.

These villages are now featured in a number of places in the media as models of community transformation.  Orphan care and development in the villages is a model that is being reproduced all over Africa and the world at a grassroots level creating a buzz for the the entire world stage.  In this environment creative enterprises have emerged for health care, agriculture, crafts, and trades in a sustainable economic movement that has inspired Africans across the continent.

African men are rising up as spiritual leaders who provide for their families, love and train their children with a new Biblical worldview, and are seen among the many outlying villages evangelizing, praying for healing, participating in deliverances, and sharing the Word with passion.  Carrying Jesus further out to the needy.

Individuals are coming from a variety of places across the globe to see and experience what is happening among the villages along the Zambezi.  It is an incredible story of how superstitions and taboo and religion, specifically, the New Apostolic Church, have been destroyed by the power and light of Jesus.  The many short term teams and visitors return home from their visit in the great Zambezi region fully inspired and charged that the Gospel of Jesus is the only truth for every nation. And the many volunteers who come to be trained and serve with us are being sent around the world to reach the Unreached Peoples and the Poor, and others are returning as long term workers.

Zambians are also being equipped and funded as missionaries to the nations with their practical experience and stories of transformation because of the power of Jesus!