Our Vision and Values


Mission statement:

To be a community that is the hands and feet of Jesus in the dark places of this world; through our vital connection with Jesus, extending His transforming love to the fatherless, the poor, and the lost.


In a word:

Loving the Least and the Lost


Our vision:

That every orphan be raised in God’s transforming love, to become tomorrow’s leader. That every village be filled with simple, self-reproducing, discipleship -oriented house churches. That every Western believer has an opportunity to be forever changed by involvement in God’s work among the poor.


Our values:

1.        Dependence on Jesus – we cannot do anything of value apart from His initiative, His power to accomplish, and His indwelling holiness to use these human vessels. We believe our vital connection with Him is our only hope for effective ministry for him.

a.      Daily Prayer – we will give ourselves to daily private and corporate worship and prayer.

b.     Guidance – we will not move apart from God’s Words of timing and direction, trusting His ability to get through to us, more than our ability to figure things out.

c.      Altar of Continual Sacrifice – we want to respond to the desire of God for a continual fire upon the altar of our devotion to Him. We have set apart a Room of Prayer, and at times will give ourselves to extended times of prayer, fasting and worship.

d.     Sabbath Rest – we have set apart one day for unhurried devotion to knowing and loving God. We will not allow chores or pressures or social interaction to invade this time of solitude.

2.        Community – our connection to Jesus as well as our response of love to the world, are to be lived out in the context of a loving community. Our church culture has taught us to value individuality, but the Spirit of God is calling us to reignite His value on Corporateness – Oneness. Body life in community is God’s way of refining and empowering – we give ourselves to it, even when it is uncomfortable to the self-life.

a.      Daily Living – we will live in close proximity, sharing life, sharing our belongings, our feelings, our good and our bad. We will live vulnerably with one another, allowing our humanness to be refined by our brothers and sisters.

b.     Accountability Group – we will encourage each person to be committed to another one or two for mutual accountability and personal growth.

c.      Commitment – we will invite each person, whether long or short term, to commit to a term of partnership. This gives strength to the refining work of body-life – not allowing easy escape when things get tough.

d.     Mutual Discernment – we will submit our sense of direction to the group, trusting Jesus to speak and confirm His plans.

3.        The Fatherless – God’s Heart is indentified with the most vulnerable in this world. As we serve them, we serve Jesus. The HIV pandemic, the worst human tragedy in history, is presenting an opportunity and obligation for the Church of Jesus we cannot miss. The giants that oppress Africa (HIV-AIDS, corrupt leaders, an undiscipled church, poverty, etc) can be overcome within a generation by millions of transformed, highly educated, empowered orphans sent out to lead the continent.

a.      Kids’ Homes – we are building clusters of financially self-sustaining homes for small families of kids who need the love of forever parents and the love of God to allow them to reach their potential.  We will locate these clusters with partners around the world with similar vision and values.

b.     Kids Empowered – we are also building systems to nurture and empower vulnerable and orphaned children living with loving relatives.

c.      Kids Educated – we believe that education is a key ingredient to overcoming poverty and a worldview that keeps people oppressed by fear and hopelessness. We will find means to bring a good education to the areas that do not have it.

4.        Sustainability – Non-dependence – We believe it is better to train a man to fish rather than give him a fish. Therefore we value training, equipping, giving dignity by encouraging personal responsibility. And we discourage giving gifts, creating dependency, creating passivity and beggar mentality.

a.      Farming – we are partnering with Foundations for Farming (formerly Farming God’s Way) in training in conservation farming methods while discipling them in habits for success.

b.     Business – we are encouraging, equipping and supporting business endeavors in the village through micro-finance loans and training.

c.      Giving Gifts – in an effort to counter-balance the dependency (beggar) mentality bred into African society through generations of well-meaning aid, we are assiduously guarding ourselves and our associates from giving gifts. We rather allow the needy one to contribute in whatever small way he can, before assisting him with what he cannot attain. Our goal is to give dignity by rewarding initiative and effort. 

5.        Indigenous – the job of the Western missionary is to empower the local people, thereby working himself out of a job. In everything we do we are trying to make our systems as simple, reproducible, and transferable as possible.

a.      Local Leaders – We are empowering local emerging leaders to take ownership of the work we are doing, training them locally, and sending them to our training center in Cape Town SA.

b.     Grassroots – our method of evangelism and discipleship is built on training local people to lead their own movement.

6.        Simple Church – Jesus’ Body on earth is meant to reflect his historical, earthly body – Simple! Not organizationally or materially powerful. But simple groups of believers encouraging one another and worshiping their God. This is the best way to insure sincere faith and mutual discipleship. This is the best way to enable a movement that is sustainable.

a.      Training For Trainers (T4T) – our main effort in evangelism and church planting is in training others to do it. The local people will best reach and build up their own people.

b.     D Groups – we do not talk so much about starting house churches – this can be a distracting term. Rather we encourage Discipleship Groups.

c.      Simple, Reproducible Methodology –  we are training people to lead in a way that will allow and encourage participation and initiative by all.  It is also simple enough that it can be transferred to generation after generation of disciples.

d.     Celebration – we enjoy a monthly meeting of all the disciples coming together to celebrate the broader work of God in the area.

7.        Missions Equipping and Sending Base – millions of young people are disengaged with the church and spiritual things because they have never seen the church being relevant to the issues and needs of the day. As we invite Western young people to come and help in our efforts, we sense the Heart of God to ignite again the youth to dynamic action, leading the world in the cause for Christ. We want to give ourselves to empowering, training and sending of those God sends to us.

a.      Base – we have been given a unique base in a beautiful and adventurous natural setting, while also in the middle of primitive villages – a perfect place for young people to find their own uncharted heart’s purpose.

b.     Fathering – many youth need only the loving input from a Father and Mother to release them to their fullest potential. This is our gift to many whom God sends to us.

c.      Training – we are providing a simple training to those who come to help us, and an opportunity to put it into practice in real Africa. This is the best training one can have. For those wanting to go deeper with us we will refer them to the training center in Cape Town, South Africa – All Nations CPX.









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