New Years Update


We have been in Zambia for 40 days now. God has been so extremely good to us. One missionary said, “I have never seen a missionary move here and get so much done in 30 days!” I think it is the blessing of Jesus on us – “He who is generous will be blessed, for he gives some of his food to the poor.”


The Mandate team arrived a week ago (led by our kids Liana and Jason) and we are having “a gas”, as I say (much to my daughter’s dismay).


(A word about Mandate Schools ( – this is an amazing school, and one of the best kept secrets around! For the paltry cost of $2400 for about 6 months of room, board, paradigm shifting Bible teaching, weekly travel adventures, besides at least two or three outside the country, community life that kills (the flesh), and food that makes alive (the forgotten dreams of a slim waistline), lifelong friendships, life-changing encounters with the Living God – it is really unequalled. Well, I am a bit biased I suppose. But if you want to see one of the coolest sites on the web, click above, and while you are there, just fill in that application and get your life messed up forever. Parents, you can sign up your kids – we have bars and locks on the doors.)


We all packed up into the truck – 16 in all, along with loads of equipment (we can now sympathize with sardines), driving those wonderfully unforgettable roads, and camped at the property – the first time whites probably ever camped there!  We christened The Land with our prayers and songs, we took rides with the village fishermen in their dugout canoes, we played tug of war with the 30 or more children who swarmed us, and we laughed at the torrential downpours from the heavens. Our two main tasks this outing were to mark the property lines (we just had points before – this tree and that bush…), and locate where we will build a round-hovel for a storage shed. We are buying a dugout canoe so we can inspect the hippo a bit closer and explore the river.


Floyd McClung was here for 3 days teaching the team the basics of evangelism and simple church planting in Africa (basic CPX material – see ) – Mandate may be a feeder school if we don’t watch out!


After looking at about 15 rental houses in Livingstone, we found the perfect one. Our budget was $350/month, but we settled on this place for $400. We eve

n have a hot water heater! (though it does not push hot water thru the shower hose unless you are laying down in the tub!)


For Christmas someone (I confess ~) invited 40 orphaned kids and a dozen teen workers to party at our (not fixed up yet) house (I am still in hot water for that one!) p1030426We had a great time of food and games and Bible lessons and song.. Some of these kids have never been into town before, so it was quite a treat. THIS is why we are here – to build into these children a different Kingdom Culture that will set them on a better path.


We are planning on helping this team of workers start a business that will keep these Ngwenya orphans and vulnerable children in school fees and uniforms. We have had about $250 donated for them, but find it will cost three times that to get it started. (Any donors want to add to this seed amount? DONATE BUTTON)


Speaking of business ventures – we are about to start a chicken business that will help Africans join our ministry and still be able to contribute some for their expenses, as well as learn business principles. Hopefully we can get village partners in this business as well.



  • Grace and protection for the Mandate team who are camping on the land in the village.
  • Thanks for the house that is perfect for my wife!
  • My wife is turning 39 for the 17th time tomorrow – blessings on her. It has not been the easiest transition to make.
  • Thanks to Jesus – I had secretly been praying for a video projector for evangelism in the villages – but told no one. Jeff – a friend – just came from Phoenix to visit, and brought one with! Jesus does hear and answer when no one else knows!
  • Ask God to provide all our needs – He knows what that means.
  • Ask God to send servants to help and wisdom to know how to share the load – we are already getting tired and have done so little of our objectives.
  • Blessing on our marriage – my goal is to improve it significantly this year.

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