New Address and Name for Love’s Door!



1815 SW Baker St.,
McMinnville, OR 97128.

We want to thank Open Door Community Church for the years of service they have given to cover this ministry, give us office space, do our bookkeeping and many more personal services. For more than a year we have agreed that it is soon time to find a more conventional covering for a ministry that is expanding at such a rate and becoming so broad.

An anonymous donor covered the expense to set up our own 501c3 so that we can continue to be fully tax deductible operation (for USA donors) – thanks whoever that was! Now Steve Schrock Accounting is going to receive all donations and send a year-end statement if you give an address. And in Zambia we have also hired an accountant to help us keep all the designated donations accounted for correctly.

Our personal and ministry mail stateside will continue to be:
Dan and Regina Bumstead or Love’s Door 4 All Nations
c/o Open Door Church
339 NW Sherman St
Sheridan, OR 97378

Our mail and banking details in Zambia: (note – you cannot receive a tax receipt if you wire $ out of the country)
Dan and Regina Bumstead or Love’s Door 4 All Nations
PO Box 60750
Livingstone, Zambia
Standard Chartered Bank
Acct # : 0150154294000 (personal account) or 010015436100 (ministry account)
Bank Name : Standard Chartered Bank, Mosi O Tunya Rd, Livingstone.
Branch Code : 061018
Swift Code : SCBLZMLX

Or you may donate on Paypal at: (this also receives a tax receipt  for USA donors)


  • We had a wonderful time of repentance and realignment with our long term team during a prayer time last week. Some of our hearts had gotten dull with many cares. WASHED! CLEANESED. REALIGNED.  We felt called to renew our lifestyle of fasting and seeking more earnestly. It has been such a death to flesh lately! The stench is rising; but the perfume of the spiritual renewal is stronger! THANK YOU JESUS!
  • We are starting a purity course, called Cherish, for girls in the village. Sarah Bultman and Jesse, a Zambian associate, are heading this up.
  • We are so happy to have Hanna and Caleb – a young pre-married couple – serving in the kitchen, on the finances, taking trips into remote villages to see if this may be a long term place for them to serve God.
  • We now have kids programs going 5 days a week in 4 different villages! In 5 years if we can keep this up, I would not doubt that these will bear more fruit than many adult training programs we have.
  • And we also have teams going 2×2 into 5 villages to connect, tell their personal faith story and start Bible Studies.
  • Thanks for those who have responded to help with clerical details from your homes – that will be a blessing to us. We are still so ready to receive someone into our Zambian home who loves office work to serve with us here! Please – you will hardly need to fill out an application – just say you do book keeping and you are in like flint!
  • We are putting in the solar system and the little African outdoor cook area for the Children’s Home – the final touches before the furniture and the household items and the children. We had many donations in Jan of children’s clothes and blankets and such. We can’t wait to unpack them all!
  • Luke Martin has completed the camping chalet – a beautiful thatched covering for campers right on the water’s edge on Island #1. The team from Oregon (14 students from Mandate discipleship School ) is enjoying it.
  • Now Luke, along with Levi Finley, another intern who has recently joined us, are designing an even  cooler creation – a Tree Chalet on Island #2. We are trying to design a boat system or bridge to access it.  A $200 donation will get you a free night’s lodging for 2 in this unique Chalet.


  • We are 10 days from making another (our last) property payment ($6,600) – always a time of leaning heavily on the Lord. And the many other daily expenses we are moving forward in faith. Pray with us, and  if you can, share with us!
  • Continue to pray that God will select the orphaned children thru us. We have not had any requests yet from headmen. Perhaps we will need to find another way to get into the lives of the families with the most vulnerable children.
  • Pray for our long term team – it is very heavy work when we have 14 extra people we are serving. Every moment is accounted for and there is little wiggle room, less privacy,  and prayer times seem to get diminished. Some are getting weary. 3 weeks to go till they leave! Hey – we do love them! There’s just so much lovin you can do!
  • We are still believing we will be able to sponsor 2 men to go to South Africa for training and resourcing – pray we will have the resources to do this. And several young ones still are looking to us for support to go back to school – we tell them to pray with us, and we will trust God will send us some funds for them.

Thanks to all who have prayed for us – we feel connected to the Vine!

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