CPX Team – Village church

The All Nations CPX team (9 aspiring church planters, including 2 lovely village-ready kids) is leaving us in a week after serving us tirelessly for 7 weeks. They worked in 4 villages, implementing their CPM principles.

So after 7 weeks they have started 8 regular Bible Studies with 13 potential Persons of Peace (leaders). We had our first training for trainers (T4T) meetings on Sunday with these new disciples. At this time we have 3 regional meetings every Sunday. We will each week teach them a bible story (God’s Story – going chronologically thru the Bible, underlining the themes of the Gospel story) that they will then memorize for their own DBS later in the week. Our coming weeks will be filled with coaching the new leaders as they acquire the skills needed. Imagine the potential if these people really become bearers of the Life Changing Message – an indigenous church rising up in the Toka Leya Kingdom! It may be the first!


This month has been crucial in solidifying a group of Zambian town dwellers as partners in our village ministry. 12 young men and women have been coming weekly for an instructional meeting, then coming to the village to join with the CPX team and our staff in sharing the Gospel. After CPX leaves, they will continue and hopefully, some will become long term staff.


Jesse Nukols sadly left us a week ago. She had been here for 4 months and left an indelible imprint in the House of Moses. Under her care Monde began walking, and on her way to talking and potty capability; Siloka (Oliver) began homeschooling and is excelling above his peers; Siloka and Mutenta were guided thru the Hero Book – an exercise of creating a book of their lives – past present and future. It gives them a chance to work thru their past lives, deal with the adjustments of the present and create a future focused point to which to attain. Jesse has also mentored Hilda, the house mother, into a deeper relationship with Jesus – it is evident to all. Thanks Jesse – you will be very much missed.

Adrienne Keely will take Jesse’s place in the House of Moses.


Tizry Sparrow is experiencing the love of a family for the first time, and thriving! Jeremiah and Missy are making the happy adjustments to being parents. They have had a few weeks off to bond deeply, and are beginning now to resurface. Pray for them as they all grow together.


The kitchen roof is framed! It is going to be a magnificent building. Thanks Toledo Christian Fellowship for all we have done so far! We will start on the walls and proceed as we have finances.

We have solar! We installed a panel and necessary equipment on “the blue tent” – the most substantial structure we have as yet for our staff and team housing on the base. We have lights on the porch and outlets for charging cell phones and laptops. We are now equipped for Face Book in the village!

We just got word of another donation coming from Crossroads Bible Church for the first staff house on the Village Base! This is our dream – to be able to live here among “our people”.

Back to School project

We have entered the second term. The community garden has not made money yet, but it is still growing and by the end of this term may have the income to pay for the next term fees. We continue to sponsor about 30 upper grade kids. Seeing them back in school and daring to dream that they might even attain to 12th grade and a better future is reward in itself.

We have just instituted another element to this project – tutoring! Many of the 8th graders still don’t read and will not be able to pass into 9th. So we are hiring the only 12th grade graduate that we know in the village to tutor those interested – EVERY ONE SIGNED UP!


Thanks again for all your support. We are one small member of this powerful Body of Christ on Earth. Our finger is in the African soil, while our feet and other members are scattered the world over, and our Head is watching and supervising over all. Bless you in your ministries – we are blessed to pray for you as you pray for us.


  • Building project funds – we need $10,000 to complete the kitchen. We have the first staff house paid for, but want to build 2 more this fall. Donate at Loves Door site
  • Pray we will be able to train, mobilize, and disciple the people recently brought to Jesus from the CPX team. Pray more church planters will join us.
  • Farm Initiative – we want to partner with some widows and most needy families this fall to train and help make a large crop of maize – enough for a full year’s food supply! We need $8,000 and a volunteer of the soil. Apply right away – go to Loves Door site and apply
  • Pray for the health and unity of our wonderful team. We have been thru a tiring 7 weeks of walking in the villages with CPX. Now gearing up for more teams in the summer. We need God’s grace and strength. We will take a 3 day break to rejuvenate and refocus.
  • We want each orphan in our care (7) to own a cow. Donate $300.
  • We want to have a herd of goats – $70 each
  • Our staff business is starting a piggery – support our African staff by donating to this.

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