Maloni Village

p1010890The first sign of Maloni Village is the pointed thatch roofs sticking up in the distance. We near the village and must ford a small stream with our wonderful 4×4 Landcruiser, before we pull into the village amidst the delighted screams (and some terrified screams) of the children. Our team of 10 adults and two small children pile out and circle up for a word of instruction and a brief prayer, then head off to look for the Headman. We realize too late that we have not brought the customary gift of a chicken or trinket, but he is gracious and does not mention the miscue. But we make sure and greet him with the respect due a headman – bowing and clapping the hands as we carefully approach him. He welcomes us to his village, and after inquiry into the reason for our coming, invites us to visit his people, share the Word of God, pray for them and encourage them. He tells us of their needs – they have no school, and their children must walk some miles and cross a crocodile infested stream to get to school. Recently one boy was lost to a croc. It is amazing to us how often we hear this. He begs us to come and start a school for them.

So we break into groups of three, and split up to explore and prayerfully understand this our third village. Our goal – Find one potential “man of peace” (from Lk 10 – a person open to our ministry and willing to invite his circle of friends and relatives to it); Pray for two persons to be healed; Find a demonic stronghold and a heavenly stronghold in the village (eg drunkenness on the dark side and a woman who cares for the sick and orphans on the heavenly side); Find a secluded “garden” and spend half an hour interceding for the village, seeking a word from God; Find out about the poor, the orphans and the widows. Be back at the truck at 5. Ready, set, GO!

I will fill you in later on our results…p1010888
bye for now – Dan

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