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One World Vision has a vision that extends well beyond their humble beginnings in Luanshya, Zambia. They want to take the gospel of Jesus to many villages in Zambia, then to the Congo, Tanzania, and beyond. To Aaron Mulenga, their young, dynamic leader, sharing the gospel means not only inviting people to a living relationship with Jesus, but also caring for the orphan and widow, feeding the hungry, and uplifting the downcast.

Aaron knows well the plight of the orphan, as he has walked the same lonely road. Early on he began working with organizations that cared for orphans. But he saw there the underbelly of humanitarian efforts – a group who were padding their own pockets in the name of helping orphans. In disgust and outrage he quit. As he left, he took along eight young orphans to care for by himself. At 24 years of age, and a diminutive height (smaller than some of his “children”), he still stands taller and wiser than most in the outworking of his faith.

Thus the birth of One World Vision. Aaron gathered a board of like-minded concerned citizens, willing to do something about the plight around them. Together they formed an NGO and began a feeding program in an impoverished area of their town. 160 children in rags showed up! They would offer food at noon each day, but most of the kids would show up at 7am and just hang out – they were not going to school! So in September of last year they started a school. Now 90 children are going to a very very basic school – for free!

But because of the horrendous cost of food in Zambia, they are not able to sustain their feeding program – even for the ones in school. Some who were eating their meals had other food at home each day. But some did not. So some now are really going hungry. Can we help them?

They have been donated land for a new school, but until they are able to build, they want to start raising maize (corn) so they can again feed the little ones. They need tools, seed and fertilizer. We have talked with Aaron and his board about self-sustaining projects that will allow them to maintain their programs without subsidy, and they are committed to this direction.

So we want to do two things – bring support for feeding the neediest children at school until the gardens are productive, and help them with their garden project. It will cost $300 per month to feed the children at school (simple mush there costs three times what it costs in the US), and it will cost $1200 for the seed and tools to build their gardens. 15 sponsors at $20 per month for a year; plus some one-time donors for the garden. Will you consider sponsoring this project? Simply click the donate button and specify on the paypal window what the donation is intended for. We will keep you updated on the progress.

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