Love Makes Rash Promises.

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Love makes rash promises

I love my wife and want to do what I can to keep her by my side. So I made a promise – “I will not go back to Africa without an Administrator”.

It’s like God saying, “The glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea” – well, He can promise that, but it depends on others to accomplish it. He can prod us and give us incentives – but someone must step up to the plate and go to that remote place before the glory of the Lord will reside there!

I had an epiphany the other day – ADMINISTRATORS, BY NATURE, DON’T LIKE AFRICA!  They like order and structure and predictability and everything in it’s place. THAT, my friend, is NOT Africa.  When the Spirit of God “hovered over the waters” of chaos, and created order, He was not wearing His Administrator hat that day. It takes an exceptional administrator to willingly go into a place of great chaos and create order.

“WHAT DOES AN ADMINISTRATOR DO IN AFRICA?”, people have been asking me.

  • He communicates with and organizes teams before they come to visit.
  • She keeps track of all expenses and gets Dan to sign receipts.
  • He gladly stays in town in the nice Team House, taking care of details, so others can go into the village.
  • She runs errands – getting supplies, contacting immigration, taking the truck to the repair shop, even grocery shopping at times – whatever needs to be done.
  • Some may be bookkeepers – that would bless my wife the most!
  • Some may be bossy and keep us all doing our assigned chores.
  • While others may be geeky and work on our web page and Face Book page.

An administrator in Africa is basically a Servant – one who is willing to take care of the many and varied details of life, so the others can go to the villages and be Servants there. Gracie, a 50ish single lady, came and served us for 3 months – cleaning closets, making team members personality profiles to hang on the walls, organizing files, doing errands.

We are heading back to Zambia in 3 weeks! So if you also would like to see my wife and I be able to do what we are gifted to do in the villages – education (for her) and loving the lost (for me) – this may be the most exciting 6 months of your life!

Farming / Micro Enterprise


The headman came to – “Our people are hungry. Will you help us start a farming co-op for our village?” We could help a whole village plant well and have food for an entire year if we would do this.  It is the time to plant right now before the rains come in Dec. What we need in order to do this:

  • A person willing to come for 3-6 months to lead this effort. You don’t need to be an expert farmer – we have a farming method designed for drought affected areas like this. Hard work, love for the poor are your tools.
  • $3000 for seed, fertilizer, tractor hire, transport for selling the extra produce.
  • A system in place to help them save some of their money to buy seed for the coming year.


  • Ken Machisa

    Let me introduce our new long term intern – Ken Machisa from Livingstone. Ken is working on the base, building up the chicken and garden business for the House of Moses. He is also excellent at making disciples of Jesus. Ken moved into the Team House, but stays on the base 5 days a week.


  • An intern specifically given to help with the orphans in our home – teach them, play with them, take them to the doctor, help them with school, work with them in the gardens…  3-6 months, $400 per month plus airfare (about $1500).
  • I need to take back some sturdy cell phones for our village workers.
  • It would be nice to take back a couple Blackberry’s for staff who stay in the village – to be able to get email there.
  • MACE deterrent – for our girls who stay in the village (against elephants mostly)
  • Lozi Bibles and English Bibles in very easy to read language.
  • Or Audio Bibles – we could use 10 more! These are working very well.
  • I would like to give Mike (our Zambian long term worker) a laptop of his own. If anyone has one that works well (please no junk) mail it to me quickly –

Dan Bumstead

261 20th Pl

Philomath, OR 97370


  • Two of the teen orphans we have been discipling in the village who are too old to fit nicely in the children’s home, have been getting beaten at home – more than normal. One of them was forced against his will to go thru a demonic ceremony to take on the spirit of an ancestor. We are considering allowing them to build a little home on our property for them. We would feed them and let them stay there. Pray for wisdom and provision. These two guys are
  • Some of the kids of this age are also complaining that the teacher at school often comes drunk, or does not come to school at all, or if he comes he beats the kids. Pray for wisdom how to deal with this. Obviously the kids learn very little in school – pray that we may one day be able to build a school for them.
  • We are finally starting to get some elephants on the base!! But that is scary too.
  • Our chicken project to support the House of Moses (the children’s home) is starting to produce finally! Yeah! Pray God will make us abundantly prosperous. Pray for more sponsors to support this project and the whole orphan project.

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