Life Appeared…

Today two workers at the Kwathu Children’s Home where we are staying, asked to be prayed for to receive the fullness of God. They had seen something in Agrippa and Janette, the directors at the children’s home, that they hungered for. It was Life in the Spirit of God, Living Water, Communion with Jesus, Walking in the Light – many biblical terms for a reality that transforms normal existence into something supernatural, something which overcomes the downward gravitational pull of life on “the dark planet”, as C.S. Lewis puts it.

Apostle John knew this inner reality in a much more personal way – “we have heard, we have seen with our eyes, we have looked on and our hands have touched – this we proclaim concerning the Word of Life. The Life appeared…” Jesus in bodily form was this Life, and now in spiritual form He remains the same. Life appeared! Scientists scurry and sweat to find the source of life on earth. Life is from God – first breathing into single-celled organisms, then plants, then complex animals. But real Life – “eternal Life”, a description of the quality more than duration – appeared with Jesus! The Greeks had two words to distinguish these different kinds of life. But they are cousins. God is Life, and when we get near him it is dangerous – Life Happens!

So as Margaret and Matilda sat on the floor and wept tears of joy and healing, one could see the Life sweeping through them – breathing into them the refreshing dew of a forgiven life – and wiping the cob-webs of fear and anger and discouragement away. Life appeared! Just as He had appeared in the body of Jesus, now he is appearing in the lives of these two simple workers.

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