June 30

I sat down with Parity an hour before church. He was preaching today. He has come a long way since we first came into contact with him. I remember him coming to our Thursday night gatherings at the House of Moses before any baby Moses’s were found with us – one small candle on the floor, 30 people, mostly kids, crammed into the small room, hilarious worship songs and some dancing… Parity would come quite regularly, then unexplainable miss a couple weeks. He always seemed over excited and too eager to please. I was never sure what was going on under the mask. Mike probably knew, but was a loyal brother.

Today as I talked with him he told me. Even then he was drinking a lot. He didn’t want to, but was powerless against the demon of booze. Then he impregnated a girl and that knocked him off the good intention wagon. He gave himself to debauchery.

So what happened to him since then?

Edward did. Edward’s spirit got turned on. He became a new man. He discovered a personal relationship with Jesus. And he went to tell his friend Parity. They prayed. Soon Parity was following in a new way – not trying to please God or remake himself into his ideal man. But he was following out of a forgiven heart, a living spirit, a hand-holding relationship with a Father. So Edward and Parity and this unseen Father began going around the villages praying for people and saving lives!

Since then alcohol has dropped off like a dirty shirt. Now Parity and Edward are the two pillars of this church-among-the-villages – this hidden church. They are young, but are truly the elders in this church.

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