July started out with a BANG! Dan got hit by the worst case of Veritgo ever and wound up Thursday thru Sunday in the hospital. And since then he has been afflicted with continual imbalance and noise and movement sensitivity so he has basically stayed for three weeks in his house. Now he is going to the village a bit and walking to some degree – sometimes with a stick to keep balance. He and Regina will be returning to the States in a few days for more medical treatment. They also plan on spending a number of months recruiting and financial partner building as well as some time of rest and personal rejuvenation with family.


STAFF. Our 4 Zambian men are all champions! They continue steady and true.

IMG_0484 Our two one year interns – Canadian and American are also continuing to minister to us and the work we are doing – Karen Weirsma doing a superb job at Admin and leading our Cherish effort (a purity course for young ladies); and Brandon Amerine working hard at the garden and base maintenance.

Kelli Pullin has been here for 2 months and soon leaving – she has taken one Cherish group and has started doing literacy class with one village lady recently.

Linea is our first intern from Sweden (we have 3 more coming in a few months)! She can only be with us for a few weeks, but is making an impact in our ministry and our hearts.



We are getting now over $1,000 a month for our sponsorship program! Every one of those dollars means responsibility to kids – signing up for school, getting uniforms and shoes and backpacks and books; it means getting food for their family monthly; it means finding their level in academics and getting them into our tutoring program; but most of all it means training them up to be fruit bearing believers in God, who use their God-given talents to their ultimate purpose. PLEASE, WE NEED MORE 1 YEAR INTERNS TO HELP WITH THIS PROGRAM.

LD serve page Bryanna with Danny We have 7 new sponsors and kids since June! Yeah! Each one will be radically altered thru this.

Two Zambian girls are now joining into the team of Life Transformers – providing tutoring, personal care and spiritual guidance.

Two other Zambian girls are giving the three weeks of their college holiday to doing this work in the villages as well.

121 (One to one) is a program we have developed to help the more vulnerable students who are lagging far behind their level. We get with them during the week – 121 – to tutor and disciple.

We also have two more workers in the States devoting time to the Admin of this program – Sharon Bixel (my sister!) in PA and Taren Pennington, in OR. Thanks so much ladies! PLEASE PRAY ABOUT JOINING THIS ADMIN TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS!


IMG_0656STAFF DORM. Our building project is coming along slowly but surely. Again, our goal is to move out to the village full time – no more back and forth to town; no more sleeping in tents. What is the bare minimum we need to live out there full time? To be able to invest more in our village disciples? To be able to have more orphan homes and transforming more lives? Whatever it takes – our face is like flint…


STAFF BUSINESS. We sold our old truck that had been in the repair shop for many months, and were able to buy a taxi for Aaron Mulenga – the Director of our base in N Zambia. Now he is able to start making some money and living more in a sustainable manner! We have been working hard toward this for all of our staff. We developed a financial training course, a business plan format and a zero interest loan format – all designed to empower our Zambian staff to become excellent businessmen.IMG_0671

Joshua Phiri was given a business loan to create professional commercials for TV and radio. Mike Lungu and Stanley M’kanda and Charles Mwila all have created an business plan and have completed some of the finance course, and are awaiting financing for their businesses. PLEASE PRAY ABOUT INVESTING IN THESE NATIONAL GOSPEL WORKERS.


LUANSHYA. Our base in N Zambia is still growing at an impossible rate! They had a team

the whole team

the whole team

from All Nations CPX working with them in the villages for the month of June and July. So many new house churches were started and leaders were trained to lead them. This area is close to becoming a movement.


NGWENYA PROJECT. We are starting a strategic partnership with a school in the poorest compound of Livingstone. The leaders are amazing African zealots who will sacrifice all for the Lord. We have watched them be faithful for so many years with so little to sustain themselves. They started a little school in their home 6 years ago, and now it has 180 students, grade K – 3. They have spilled over into a house next door which was under construction, but will soon be occupied and unavailable for them. They take in some of IMG_0629the most vulnerable orphans to live with them. They feed all the school kids, out of their poverty, every day one meal, knowing it might be their only meal. Compassion has moved us to start investing in them – we have started building 2 class rooms for them. Now someone in the States has created a Go Fund Me campaign for this project and will have a grand fund raiser in McMinnville, Or the 28th Aug. YOU MAY BE INCLINED TO GIVE TO THIS WORTHY CAUSE AS WELL.


IGNITE. Mike has started a Sunday afternoon youth meeting to ignite a passion in town youth to serve Christ and give themselves to the Least and the Lost. Some of them are joining us in our tutoring program and ready to join our staff of church planters as well.

Mike is also starting to do some church planting trainings in Livingstone. He is training about 6 men and women in how to start simple churches in their communities and it seems to be lighting a fire in them to do it.


BUMSTEADS IN AMERICA. Dan and Regina are now in America and Dan’s health is iIMG_0525mproving as he is continuing with medical testing. They will have the months of August and September for Partner building; then a few months of Sabbatical Rest; then end with another two months of partner building. God is gathering a team of volunteers around them who are doing fundraisers and grant writing and admin.



  • 3 new 1 year interns for the Family Table project.
  • 1 long term family – Base Development guy.Loves Door Village Base Picture
  • 10 new kids sponsored – there are so many kids that still need to be gathered and brought into the fellowship of Light.
  • Complete healing for Dan.
  • Wisdom for the new things that are brewing in our hearts for the future. Some powerful new team members will be joining us next year. Will there be a new school program developed? A medical component to our ministry?
  • Several grants or generous donations to supply our many projects.








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