The small parcel of land between the Red Sea and the chariots of Pharaoh is a holy ground. It is a place where all thoughts are only on Heaven. No one is indifferent. No one is sinning and selfish. All are on their knees, hungry and waiting for one thing – the Voice of God. A hush pervades. There is no striving – the arm of the flesh cannot accomplish deliverance. Rather a peace of resignation to the Will of God. An expectation of His Intervention with Power.

Faith rises in that Place. Unity is tangible. Fervency erupts unsolicited. Fear is replaced by joy at the expectation of God’s coming surprise.

 Like a child seeing the bare floor under the Christmas tree for many weeks, and now the last night has come, and still nothing. The fear of the Great Disappointment that might come is mercifully turning to hope, and then to joyful expectation that the morning will reveal the true nature of the Father. He will not let us be disappointed. He will not fail us. His love and resourcefulness is too large.

 This is where we have been camping lately.













For the first time in our Zambian ministry we are experiencing hostility. The village that invited us is rising up against us. There is a threat of take over in the air. Or worse – a threat of continuing in our place, but with neither trust nor agreement with our neighbors. God warned us prophetically the morning of the first village meeting where it all came out, assuring us that He is at work.

They want to force our hand to build them a school on the land we have dedicated and prepared for our orphan ministry – turning the throw away kids into the pastors and teachers and governors of tomorrow. We have been preparing to build a school – a crucial piece for transforming lives. This action is stepping up our timetable. But the spirit of entitlement is threatening to ruin it all. We view sustainable, Kingdom development as a partnership – the locals providing their resources and we supplementing with ours.

Entitlement wars with that concept. Entitlement demands a gift – but even then doesn’t view it as a gift, but a debt. There is no thankfulness with entitlement, only an underlying sense that there should be more – that the gift is only one payment on a much larger obligation. Greed is not exclusive to the Developed World.

Our intercessory team has been standing strongly with us. FOR ALL INTERCESSORS: A key verse Jesus showed me: Zech 3:1-7 > Zech is watching as Jesus is ministering to Joshua the High Priest, chasing away Satan’s accusing lies and ordering the angels to change his spiritual and soul clothes. Then v5 Zechariah himself – an intercessor – interjects, “Let them put a clean turban on his head.” Did Jesus object to the intrusion of a mortal? No! “…So they put a clean turban on his head.” At the end of this encounter Jesus assures Joshua, “I grant you free access among these who are standing here.” – meaning: Jesus, the angels, and the intercessors are at the beck and call of this crucial Kingdom leader! It seems Jesus called Zech into that vision for the purpose of intercession, and invited Joshua to call to the Lord at any time, and He will alert His intercessors and angels! Amazing the inter-dependence of Heaven and Earth!

A month ago we shared a gnawing fear that perhaps our staff is going to decline to a critical level. We had only a sense of a New Season coming – with no descriptive name or picture of it’s characteristics other than: “unknown, different, a season.” In fact our staff is merely morphing – from a predominance of Westerners to a Zambian dominance. The three young Zambian men have become the Core – the Pillar. Other town Zambians are proving faithful partners and perhaps soon staff. Another CPX trained Zambian coming in December. I ask you to pray about investing financially in these workers: Mike, Ken, Rodrick, Willie, Joseph and Limpo.

God has been so gracious to lead two very capable part time paidstaff as well. Mr Machisa has just agreed to do all of our bookkeeping except handling the cash and a few details! Brian Mulenga is putting in 2 days per week supervising the House of Moses. We are still seeking 2 detail oriented 1 year volunteers – one for the businesses of the Orphan Homes, and one for the team house and ministry.

November 10 we established Love’s Door 4 All Nations Luanshya base, a dedicated property, a full time couple (Aaron Mulenga and his brand new bride, Rebecka), an orphan home with their 7 beautiful children, and a small team of co-laborers. They are doing discipleship oriented church planting in the village, dreaming of building a base suitable to hosting teams and community development, and raising orphans to God’s glory. Are there some young people who want to give a year or six months to laboring with this couple? 

We have about 5,000 special earth/cement, interlocking bricks made. We just started on the foundation for our first small staff cottage – nestled under the huge African tree and overlooking the wild Zambezi. Even as the children of Israel before the Red Sea, with doom threatening all around, we have heard the Lord say as He did to Moses, “Why are you crying to me?! Tell the people to go forward!” (Ex 14:15)

We were shocked to discover that the “mama” for the House of Moses was pregnant! She had an illicit affair. So after much prayer, teaching and counseling, we let her go, along with her 3 children. This has hurt and confused us deeply. Thanks to God, long before this situation developed, we were sent another lady who has been tremendous. Elena, with her little Blessing. Discipling in the ways of holiness must be a daily lifestyle.

Finally, God is doing a miracle in bringing a tractor, bikes and guitars an ATV – an email this morning with 28,000 meals (5,000 lbs) for hungry children. A container loading in Grand Rapids Michigan! I didn’t even know it had a port! Ha! God is hilariously astounding, isn’t He?



 Thanks dear friends for partnering with us. I had a vision last week while worshiping: As Jesus was on the cross, looking down at the lost world, he saw each of the people groups of history, and finally the Lozi and Toka Leya peoples and said, “I thirst…” in other words, “Who will bring these peoples to my cross and then my throne for eternity?” And soon people, blood bought servants with no name or glory of their own, were led to him in small groups. As one group after another bowed before his bloody cross they confessed, “Master, Lover of our souls, we owe you all our service. We will go and bring this people to your cross.” And they were assigned one group. Finally there were Regina and me and Nimisha and Mike and Ken and Rodrick and Mays and Sarah and others, kneeling with heads bowed, taking our opportunity to slake the thirst of our dying Lord for the souls of the Lozi and Toka Leya peoples. What an honor we have. As you partner with us, you too can join with us before Jesus’ cross and throne to bring these, his treasure to Him.


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