Feeling like there is finally some order to our lives! We have been so harried lately – going in a thousand directions at once. Garden projects, micro loan followup, building project, so many house bible studies, cpx team mentoring, intern orientations, etc, etc, etc… The same dilemma – we get going in so many directions, then feel like we are out of control and doing nothing well. Regina is getting “finished”, as they say here. So our last Z Team Mtg we wrote the names of all the staff (7 of us now – 4 long term, 3 interns, and another coming in 2 days) and designated out all the little and big jobs. It felt soooo good. Now we must keep reminding each other and empowering each other to do what we have decided.


Went to the village today – 15 people working for me plus 4 without wages (just hoping for work).  7 working on wall, 7 making cement blocks for the orphan home, 1 cooking their noon meal and starting a large garden. Rock work on the wall will be finished in two weeks prob. Then wires and reeds. It will be beautiful I think. Thanks Father for a good builder, a good forman, harmony on the crew, enough money to keep going for a while. The land looks good. It feels good to be able to hire these guys – I know each of them and the desperate lives they live, struggling to get thru another month, finding some way to feed their families.


Since Agrippa died last month (AIDS) I have been praying for a way to empower his widow and 6 daughters who have no apparent means of getting food other than depending on family. And family is not looking good – Biggie looks like the later stages of AIDS and unemployed, Kojack is a fisherman and there are no fish this time of year when the river is in flood stage. I don’t know how they eat. So I employed Kojack as a brick maker and the 17 year old orphaned daughter of Agrippa, Sandra, to cook the noon meal for the workers, and start making a large garden for us. Had a wonderful talk with Biggie about the gospel – praying that before he dies he will know Jesus as a friend, not just a distant god.


Nice big garden area that could be expanded to 3 times as large. They got the oxen out there and plowed today. Will do orchard eventually – I have 30 mango trees, 2 guavas, 12 papaya, 3 avocado, and other misc trees.  Lord, would you give me a tractor? Could I ask you for such a thing? Build a road from the tarmac, build a road around the compound, pull out trees a plenty, clear and till ground, make a dam, lift up a water tank, dig a fish farm pit, etc… So many uses for a good tractor! Jesus, this is what I am asking for – along with a construction foreman.


I am just really feeling comfortable there – the people love us, idolize us possibly. I love just sitting by the river with the little boys all sitting around me talking to me in Lozi, not understanding why I don’t talk back. Looking at the birds, watching the river, looking for crocs or hippos. I could live there I think.


Hippos have been visiting the CPX team at night. They say one rubbed against their tent – highly unlikely. But two were fighting on the flat near their tents the other night – they and lots of village folk got up and stood in the field for 45 minutes while they snorted and made a mess of things. Fortunately they  did no damage to the new cement blocks or the camping area. It looks so cool down there under the trees – stone path, campfire ring, tents by the river, home made kitchen structure, shower enclosure and toilet enclosure…


Had a good power encounter with the enemy today – Jesus came thru in an awesome way! A witch doctor from Western province came to heal 80 year old George (must have been a stroke – has trouble walking and talking and thinking clearly). He was mad that we were there praying for him, doing bible study and discipling him and Queen and their orphans. When I heard a witch was there making trouble I went right over. They were all sitting in a circle talking nicely – never would have known the guy was a witch by looking at him. He was 40ish, Made some threatenings when Nimisha was in the bilbe study. So when she came to teach English a bunch of us went over there. The guy was saying he was going to call down rain. In fact it started raining. I felt the faith to pray against that, and that God would chase the rain and bring sun. The rain abruptly stopped. We told the guy he was powerless to fight God. He said it was just while we white people were there, but we said and prayed that God would thwart anything the guy tried, especially after we left. We heard that after we left the old man George told him, “you are of the devil and we want you to go.” Great!


Then the bible study was great today – talked about Early Ch life – the story of Paul and the church he started in Corinth – the issues they faced as a church – kicking out the unrepentant sinner, resolving their differences in the church, marriage issues, spiritual gifts, men and women issues, communion – lots of practical things. Lots of discussion. At one point we were talking about who gives the Holy Spirit – man or God? Some were saying apostles –  that is their doctrine – apostles are the only ones authorized to give HS, the only ones authorized to go out and preach, probably the only ones with spiritual gifts, etc. One guy said that even after we leave someone may pray in our name for others to get HS, because we are apostles too! I was aghast and set them straight – anyone could pray for another to get HS. Paul as an apostle never baptized any – let all others do it.


Everyone is completely exhausted after village ministry – why? The poor CPX guys – they are out there 5 days and come back like zombies. But it is so good to come back and feel like God is moving, walls are coming down, light is entering into the dark places, people are understanding a new way, people are grabbing onto a new way of living, a new hope for the future. God, we are hungry for a spiritual flood and will continue to ask for it. But water rising slowly is not bad either. Thanks Jesus.




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