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We are 9 days now from blast off – and counting! The excitement is rising, as is the pile of stuff in our living room. Why do we still have so much in storage? And how will we get all this stuff into 4 suitcases? We are trying to decide if we should take a fifth – even if it costs $250 – what things can more easily be left here and bought there, and what must be taken. It seems my list is different than my wife’s. PRAY FOR US!

We are having so much fun –

  • We got the God Story on flip chart – if you have not seen the film Ee Taow – where the missionaries shared to a remote village the story of salvation twice a day for 2 months, walking step by step thru the stories of the Old Testament, showing God’s passion for his people, the problem of sin, the solution of sacrifice, and culminating in the story of Jesus. They caught on film when the whole village experienced the awareness of their sins being paid by Jesus’ death and resurrection, and their instantaneous joy and freedom that broke forth was amazing – 2 ½ hours of dancing! See it here = CLICK HERE
  • BUILDING – Two builders are planning on coming to Zam in Feb to strategize and design and set in motion the construction of our base! If you want to get on board with that, write them at –
  • We just got the Jesus film in Lozi – can’t wait to go to the villages and give people a real look at what a wonderful Savior we have.
  • Something on the wish list – would someone feel compelled to buy a video projector so we can show this and other films to the villages on the big screen? =  CLICK HERE
  • One person is buying us two foot-powered water pumps to get water from the river to the gardens, AND a press that can make cooking oil out of sunflower seeds – a business for someone there, AND a soil block press to make building blocks – another business! So cool! See the website and get a vision of the potential – CLICK HERE
  • We got a training video in ORALITY – to train teams that come how to tell and act out bible stories, and then to train others to do the same. Learn about this new missions strategy – CLICK HERE
  • Two young people are considering coming to see if they want to set up and manage a BACKPACKERS LODGE of sorts as part of the base. Another friend in Africa is training people in the “hospitality industry” – waiters, lodge attendants, etc – to send to us when we are ready! PRAY FOR THIS.
  • We bought two cases of English BIBLES to come with teams – they have 850 word vocabulary. When the company heard what we wanted them for, they gave them to us for less than ½ retail cost – $4 each!
  • VEHICLE – A friend in South Africa is helping us find a vehicle. Our current budget is $10,000 which seems ridiculously high. Several missionaries that have lived in the terrain we will, and know how difficult it is to repair broken vehicles up there, insist we need a Toyota pickup and need to increase the budget by $5,000. IF GOD IS SPEAKING TO SOMEONE ABOUT DONATING TO THIS FUND (YOU ARE AWESOME! AND ARE GOING TO GET BIG KUDO’S FROM MY ANGELS ! ! ! ) 
  • TEAMS AND INTERNS – We continue to get people interested in coming as interns for a month or two. And there is still opportunity to come on the Mandate discipleship school team Jan 9-Feb 28 – $2500 from Portland or $900 plus your airfare to Livingstone. If you want to come, try to avoid the June and July – prices will be high because of world cup in SA. In May it is still $1300 to Johannesburg from Portland, and it returns to that by Aug 12. But in between it is more than double.

If you are still reading you must be very loyal friends and supporters/partners, or just don’t have a life! But either way, may I give you a challenge and an invitation.

Paul felt a loving connection with all the churches, but especially with the church of Philippi. Why? Because they were partners. That church supported him financially, sent people to work and be mentored by him, sent help when he was in trouble, and prayed with him. 5 times he uses the term “share” (Koinonia – 2:17,18; 4:3,14,15) – he shared his joy with them, and they with him, they shared in his cause and fight, they shared in his suffering, and they shared in providing for him.

My heart yearns for partners. We don’t want to do this alone. So the outpouring of “investors” is SO encouraging. But I want to ask you to consider becoming a PARTNER. This endeavor is expensive! This month the startup costs will be about $35,000 and for this whole first year there will be many such expenses! If Regina and I totally clean out our account as well as the ministry account we can make it thru the month. But we are praying for more people who will partner with us financially, and perhaps even some who will share in our “sacrifice” by sacrificially living and giving. Will you pray about becoming a monthly partner in support? And even more, I am praying for a few more who will intercede with us thru this year of breaking up the fallow ground and establishing Kingdom in this very dark domain.  Love you lots – Thanks – Dan and Regina

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