Hungry for more of Jesus!

dsc09798We have arrived back in Africa! Hungry for more of Jesus and all that He has for us. I read this on the plane over, and it agitated the already churning passion in my spirit:

I always wanted to believe and live the Sermon on the Mount, but usually got told that it did not mean all that I thought it meant, and that I needed to be practical. I would read the Scriptures longingly, trying to imagine how wonderful it would be not to worry about anything, safe and secure in the presence of Jesus all the time. Miracles would be normal. Love would be natural. We could always give and never lose. We could be lied to, cheated and stolen from, and yet always come out ahead. We would never have to take advantage of anyone, or have any motive but to bless other people. Rather than always making contigency plans in case Jesus didn’t do anything, we could count on him continually. We, our lives, and all that we preach and provide would not be for sale, but would be given feely, just as we have received freely. Our hearts would be carefree in the love of our Father in heaven, who always knows what we need, and we could get on with the gloriious business of seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness. There would always be enough!” – Roland Baker.

That’s how I want to live. I’m planning on it. I think we really can count on Jesus to take care of us while we focus our lives on His Kingdom.

So, 12 hours before we left our home  for the airport, just as I was in process with the bank to wire money to South Africa to buy a vehicle there, we got word that we had major obstacles in our route. So I had a choice – throw a major fit of temper or anxiety – which would do nothing to improve the situation; or to take this as a blessing in disguise, and trust our Guide and Provider to work on our behalf. It was a wonderful improvement over the former way!

So now we sit in Johannesburg, waiting. Regina is getting stir crazy already, and it has been less than a day. But we are trusting one step at a time in our Father for the timing and providing. We have a lot of good books on prayer, and after we read them we may even have time to try it! We can’t wait to get to Zambia to our little team of 2 there waiting for us, to find our house, to see what we find for a vehicle, and to start devoting ourselves to prayer and hearing of God’s voice. We don’t have much, but we are waiting to see how God multiplies it to fit our needs. The people we saw come to Jesus in the villages are on our hearts – will they still be seeking after God? How will all the things we have dreamed and envisioned come to pass? When will God begin giving us fatherless children to care for? When will we be able to start gardens on our new land? How will we find the attitude of the villagers  towards us as we settle among them? In all these things – we are learning to rest in Jesus, one step at a time.

So today we sit and wait and pray. Pray with us. Obstacles, come into conformity with the plans of God! Open the windows of Heaven for miracles for us.

Thanks. dan and regina.

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