Jesse is now doing this job, leaving June 1. Job description:

  • Live in the House of Moses 4 or 5 days a week, investing your life in the family.
  • Home school one to three kids (1st – 3rd grade level).
  • Do exercises with the handicapped child.
  • Lead in Bible studies, discipling the house mother and children.
  • Help keep records of all activity in home.


It is time to plant the year’s maize crop in the villages in Oct – early Dec before the rainy season starts. Most families in our villages don’t have adequate farms to take them thru the year – most start going hungry within a few months after harvest. We would like to start an initiative with the village leaders to improve their farms – with our help, but their initiative. We need a director for this project for 6 months, starting sometime around October 2012. Job description:

  • Stay on the village base 4-5 days a week.
  • Work with the village leaders to initiate and develop a program that will be sustainable by the villagers with our cooperation.
  • Train the people in conservation farming (we will train you if you are not aware of it – called Farming God’s Way).
  • Help them work their fields and oversee the quality – serving them and advising them more than directing them.
  • Set up a seed bank program – keep up to half of their harvest to be returned to them next year at planting time.


Dena will leave us Aug 25. She has served us so well in this job. This is very urgent we have someone to replace her. Job description:

  • Stay in town at team house
  • Keep team house organized – menus, schedules, chore lists, etc
  • Organize for short term teams – camp gear, schedules, transport.
  • Assist bookkeeper – enter data and keep the cash box.
  • Make the team house a home.
  • Occasionally cook when the team is coming in from a long week in the village.


We have constant needs for service to our physical infrastructure – be it vehicles, toilets, cob oven construction! Job description:

  • Be in charge of keeping vehicles in shape.
  • Keep the team house in good repair.
  • Design and build improvements on the village base – compost bins, fish pond, cob oven, hot water system for the shower…

If you are interested and want to find out more about what we do and how we live, look at our website: or contact us at

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