Happy Thanksgiving!

“Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness; you will be enriched in everything for all liberality, which through us is producing thanksgiving to God. For the ministry of this service is not only fully supplying the needs of the saints, but is also overflowing through many thanksgivings to God.” 2 Co 9:11ff

I have been looking over the lists of gifts we have received this last year and stand in speechless thanks to so many of you.

This verse is for you:

v     God provides money to give away and He gives money for our necessities  – our bread to eat. He knows which is which and hopefully we do also.

v     The money to give is like seed – ready to multiply once it is released into the ground.

v     God will multiply your seed! He will ensure you get a raise, favor with the CEO. You have been faithful with the little thing – you have sown that which was designated to sow. He will multiply! Not add. Multiply! To give again.

v     The other gift you receive in return for your giving is a harvest of righteousness – much more valuable than gold.

v     The result of your gift is lives thanking God on the other side of the world in different tongues. So not only do we thank you, but the poor in the village, the orphan, the widow – they thank you for your generosity.

Jake w kids

So on this day when all over America people are sitting at cozy tables loaded with Turkey and cranberry sauce, with snow on the window sill and football on the TV, and you bow your heads to give your thanks to the Father from whom all good gifts come, I want to join you. Yes I would love some of that turkey – but that is not exactly what I was getting at!

I want to say thanks to the Father for giving to us thru you. A beautiful daisy chain – He put it in your heart to give to us, we in turn give it to the poor, and they offer up praise and thanks to the Father from which it all started.

Some things we are especially thankful for after 1 year of serving here:

  • Our community of love here in Livingstone – Nimisha, Mike, all our interns who have added so much – especially Jon who was nothing less than studdly; our teams were great. And we are deeper in love with Jesus and one another now than ever! Looking forward to more family to join us soon – can’t wait to throw the tent pegs wider!
  • Our beautiful family in Singnaga Village and surrounds – we did not choose you, but God did – and we love your people and long and yearn for you to know the love of our Father and all the riches he brings. Thanks Father for giving them to us.
  • Our home church in Oregon – Open Door – who has supplied us so very much, given us a place to live when in the States, sending people to us – thank you family at Open Door!
  • Floyd, and the All Nations Family in Cape Town – we love you guys. Our lives will never be the same since 2008 CPX – thanks.
  • Crossroads Church in Michigan – How can we say thanks enough for the $25,000 for the Children’s Home, for your partnership in so many ways, for the interns and long term people you are sending!
  • And as I looked at our many monthly supporters, we are humbled. We know most of you and know you are not wealthy – and yet God has put us on your hearts. Thanks so much.
  • We are thankful for the being able to touch the poor with the good news of Jesus, care for the orphan and widow, empower the broken, and lift up the Light of Jesus in a very dark corner of this world. We feel like the luckiest people in the world. For the first time in my adult life I don’t have enough money to buy a car of my own – but for the first time I don’t care! Retirement – Ha! We laugh at your fallen mask – you are nothing but an old hag! Security – ahh – we have found it at last – in the arms of the will of God. We are truly blessed. Thank you Father!

If some of you families sitting around the fire today (110 degrees here today!) want to participate in a Christmas gift to the poor I can give you some suggestions:

v     These things for the Children’s Home – ready for occupancy soon – 10 kids with house parents..

  1. We need 5 bunk beds – $150 for each set with mattress.
  2. Blankets (already have towels and sheets) – $120
  3. Beautiful curtains – $50
  4. Wall hangings or art – $40
  5. Toiletries  – $50
  6. Household furniture – $200
  7. Water filter – $300
  8. Pray for the right house parents – free!
  9. Pray for the right orphans – we just heard of a 6 month old dropped at a missionaries house this weekend. We would love some of these!

v     We want to do a Christmas program again for 80-200 kids in a village near here – food, small gifts and games.  $200

v     Micro-enterprise loan for several very needy families (Gibson’s family – 14 orphans; Lillian’s family – a widow with 4 children) – both of them need corn seed to plant right away! Actually many more families need this as well. We will give them the seed, then require 50% of their crop to save like a bank – to return it as seed and fertilizer next year when time to plant. $300 each.

v     A gift to Love’s Door operations!

(note: gifts given above the need will be used where we deem best – ok?)

May you have a blessed holiday season.

dan and regina bumstead

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