Growing pains

People who come and visit our ministry are amazed at how much has been done in 10 months since we started this base in Zambia. We are not proud of this, as if it were our advanced missionary skills or our great charisma that has accomplished so much. We are humbled at what our God has done thru such simple minded and feeble “pencils” as we (as Mother Theresa called herself). Floyd McClung visited us on our site less than a month after we had moved there, and said he will pray for a quick growth to our ministry. EVERYONE CAN STOP PRAYING THAT!!

Well, we don’t want to drag our heels if God is trying to accelerate. But we have intentionally decided we are going to slow down if we do not hear God mandating acceleration.

But the orphan home will soon be complete, and we hope to have children running and singing full time on our little piece of Zambezi Heaven before too long. We need to move out there to be with them. So, we need to build a team house. That is our next big prayer push – to get us onsite – loving the children, managing what God has given, giving ourselves more fully to the people we love there in the villages. Pray with us please. Here is a chart that I have carried in the secret of my own heart for so long. Please pray, partner, pursue!


Vehicle 4×4 / heavy duty / 12 -16 passenger van

Date needed – Jan 13 2011

Team house Lodge type main building for kitchen, lounge, deck for eating towards the river, A frame, with 2nd floor for one nice apartment facing river (suitable for tourist rentals) and several rooms that will serve as staff housing for now, and later for office space. Style – simple but African coolness. Includes furnishings.

Date to start – Jan 2011

Road Rent tractor and hire labor to build a road direct to our property from the highway, perhaps 5-8 km away.

Date to start – April 2011

Trailer Heavy duty trailer for materials and team camping supplies.

Date needed – Jan 13, 2011

Tractor It would be so nice to have a tractor with a blade and a front loader. We would use it to cut in a road, cut in gardens, pull out trees, build dams, lift up the water tower, etc. There are some for sale used in the country. $5000
Herb Garden We have been donated enough money to get a good start on a Ginger Memorial Herb Garden – but we do not have someone with knowledge or experience to manage the entire project.
Fish Farm We would need to build two dams on the inlet from the river, build up a bit on the side walls, then stock it with fish. This could be an experimental farm for eventual income for the ministry or the village people. $4000
Orphan Home #2 Another orphan home can be built after the team house is complete.

Date to start – Dec 2011

Playground For orphans – not for future school. But we will eventually have 50 children here – so a nice Playground built in stages to accommodate the number of kids

Date needed – June 2011

Staff home We will eventually have a home for each married couple, a guys house, a girls house. To begin with a married couple’s/family house. Perhaps a larger one that could accommodate a couple singles too. Eventually have the singles in a house of their own.

Date to start – ?



Const supervisor Someone to manage all workers, materials, payments, work with designer and foreman.

Have someone Nov – May

Needed June – Nov

Ag specialist Someone to work with gardens, training in farming techniques, help in maize planting process.

Have someone Jan – July

Needed Aug – Dec

Orphan ministry Coordinator Someone to oversee orphan garden projects, see that the kids are going to school and adjustments are being made, develop and manage kids clubs for ongoing support, liaise with government institutions and policies.

Needed Nov – June

Micro enterprise specialist Someone to start and manage microenterprise initiatives in the villages.

Needed anytime!

Administrator/ manager Someone to administrate and manage all the details of our organization (in Zambia) – teams, interns, projects, institutional paperwork with the government, etc.

Needed anytime.

State side administrator/ manager Many details could be done at home as well as on the field. It would be good to have someone who could organize, promote, find volunteers and delegate details to them.

Needed NOW!

Bookkeeper Someone to keep the books in Zambia – several accounts, designated funds to different projects, payroll for village workers, etc.

Needed now.

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