“I will cry to God Most High who accomplishes all things for me…”

“Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you: He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.” 

“But as for me I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the lovingkindness of God forever and ever. I will give you thanks forever, because you have done it all.”

God has kept his promises to us 1000 times. When I look back I am amazed again and again. These are the things He has accomplished this year:


The Church

  • The many bible studies we have had over the years have transformed into 5 IMG_0312churches and a few bible studies that will either become churches or eventually cease to exist. I.e – a new strategy of not allowing people to continue to ride the fence – challenging them to begin to follow Christ or quit pretending.
  • Most of those churches are led by the local people – many of them new believers and illiterate.
  • One church in a distant village that started in March, the entire village population is attending and following Jesus!
  • That same church, composed of all new believers, is planting another church in a nearby village.
  • Dan is being mentored by George Patterson, one of the premier coaches for Church Planting Movements.
  • We set in two elders in the original church on our base – two young local men.


The Orphan Homes

  • Maggie, a 4 year old “nomad” as her relatives called her – surviving on herIMG_0041 own by eating berries from the bush, joined our House of Moses in the south, in June.
  • Earnest, a 14 year old in our northern House of Noah, left the home after being continually drawn to slum with his old friends where he was raised. Keep praying for him – Satan is at war for the souls of these kids, knowing their potential.
  • James, also in the north, is due to graduate from 12th Let’s pray for a clear path for him to take in this coming year. He wants to continue on to Engineering school.
  • We are helping 2 boys who had graduated in previous years to establish a better furniture making business – setting them up with tools and rent for a good business location.



  • We finally finished the staff house (donated by Crossroads Bible Church) IMG_0154– 360 sf cottage fully equipped with a flush toilet, shower, kitchen sink, bedroom and sitting room. It’s lovely!
  • We also built a kitchen and two storage rooms (donated by our Kingdom friend, Eric R). A team will arrive soon to work on sink and cabinets and shelves, as well as PAINT!
  • We have also replaced the fading reed fence with a long lasting wire fence.
  • Twashuka community centerOn the northern base we are half way done with a building on our village property, built and named by the community – Twashuka (There is Hope) Community Center (this was fully donated by one amazing family – the Wellers).


Family Table

  • I can’t believe this program just started in March! Over 50 kids going to school, getting food regularly, getting tutored and life skills and joining in a community of kids being discipled to become the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Our northern base is not yet able to give the kids all the services we promised – but we are working on that and praying for more staff to enable them to do that important work.
  • Our third site in town is operating well, but we are hoping also for more helpers to invest in them.
  • We are also still supporting one girl to go to Teacher College so she can come and work for us in the village when she graduates.2014-01-02 10.51.27



Teams / Interns / Staff

We have had many amazing teams and interns this year again. Some of the highlights:

  • The Landmark Church from Manitoba – two elders/pastors and an teamamazing young family with 3 kids. They invested into our long term workers. They started a regular training around the campfire that became an institution – the Campfire Bible College and some are talking about coming long term!
  • World Race is partnering with us more and more, bringing many western youth to our doorstep to impact.
  • We had 8 wonderful interns this year – all female! The first male is just arriving as we write this! God spaced them strategically to always have at least two to carry the load of the sponsorship program. They are doing a great job. Karen arrived in late Sept, and will be with us for a year doing admin – this is noteworthy. And Brandon who is just arriving will also be Lovewith us a year, working in the village to diminish the poverty of the most desperate.
  • And Nicki and Sonja Bleeker in the fall, and Thad and Mary May in the Spring were excellent Servant Leaders, helping to drive and serve while Regina and Dan were gone.
  • We have been so blessed to have 4 amazing Zambian young men in our southern base, totally committed to the work of spreading the good news of Jesus into a very unreached group. And in the north Aaron and Jen added their own baby to the bulging household. Aaron went to CPX (church planting training, and one of his 3 associates went to another 11 month training in South Africa and they are just returning home with renewed vision.



The Word that is on my heart for Love’s Door is: IT’S A NEW DAY! Please pray with us and consider partnering with us financially if you are not already. God is leading us into some new territory, and I think we will see tremendous growth this next season.

  1. On Jan 1 we are hiring an amazingly gifted and passionate Zambian man to be our Operations Manager. This should take the load off of Regina and me to do so much around there.
  2. One person just came to serve the poor in our area. Pray for us that we can find ways to significantly impact lives – actually bringing people into sustainable businesses. IF YOU WANT TO GIVE A IMG_0375YEAR OF YOUR LIFE TO THIS PURSUIT, PLEASE CONTACT ME.
  3. We are pressing into the dream of electrifying our base, including our House of Moses orphan home! Please consider a year-end sowing into this. Donate Here!
  4. We still need a base manager – someone to oversee the many mechanical and building issues we have.
  5. We need 2-3 one year interns to manage the sponsorship program. Also please consider sponsoring a child – there are many more we want to capture for Jesus!
  6. We are going to be starting a 2 year  GO SCHOOL – a missions training course for Zambian workers. WE NEED A MAN OR COUPLE TO RUN THIS PROGRAM – perhaps a rotating position between several 6 month or 1 year volunteers?


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