House of Moses, our orphan home, should be financially self-sustaining within a year of inception (July 2011). Our part in this is to build up a reliable business that will sustain them thru the ups and downs of African village life which is notoriously filled with catastrophes. We will also have a business manager to guide them and future homes, as they make the businesses their own.

We are committed to providing our children and staff with culture appropriate, nutritious food, furniture and amenities that would keep them within the ballpark of the villages surrounding them, but at a higher level  –  educational toys, books,  tutoring, and a commitment to take them thru 12th grade level in school.

The Goat Project, together with a Garden Project and a Trades Project, will build a viable business for the House of Moses. Cows, goats and chickens are the currency of village life. It is customary for families to give a cow to each child as a savings account for a future bride price or college fund. We would like to do that for each of our children. We will buy and raise goats, cows and chickens for meat, eggs, milk and all the by-products we can extract. We will build fencing and feed for the animals as well. In this way the daily needs of the children’s home and the salaries of the staff should be fully covered within a year as well as a savings account to insure school fees can be paid for the future. Until then the homes will still need assistance from the outside community.
$50 will buy one goatHere is what your dollars will do:

  • $200 will buy one cow
  • $300 will buy fencing for 5 goats or cows
  • $50 will buy ten chickens and feed for 3 months.
  • $300 will buy fencing for and brood of semi-free range chickens
  • $400 will buy a chicken coop for up to 50 chickens with boxes for layers.


Oliver, one of our orphans in the home, is going thru a hard time emotionally. He is skipping school, staying away from home till late, disobeying. He is such a sweet little guy – he never acts disrespectful, but when we tell him to do something he just does not do it often. We think there is something inside that needs the touch of God to heal from past wounds. Pray for him.

We have many opportunities and needs surrounding us, but we need workers of all kinds. Let me highlight two urgent needs:

  1. A qualified bookkeeper to take over for Nimisha who has been a great servant, but it is not her calling.
  2. A person devoted to education in the village, especially in our House of Moses. Moses is there, ready to be trained to be the leader of the people of God. We need to give him the best education with discipleship we can offer.

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