Giving Thanks For 2016



Psalm 108:3f >  “I will give thanks to you, O LORD, among the peoples;

I will sing praises to you among the nations.

For your steadfast love is great above the heavens;

your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.”

For the visible spiritual, social and character growth in the children God has given to us at the House of Moses and House of Noah. The dream we had years ago is actually happening before our eyes like never before. They are becoming models to their peers and leaders in every way. Educationally advancing, morally advancing, growing in confidence and grace in every way. God is depositing a tangible blessing on the work He has initiated. We have 3 new children this year – Sharon (13) and her sister Melody (3) at the HOM; and a second Charity (12) at the HON.

For the ability to start another home this year – House of Diamonds – for two lovely handicapped girls God has given us – Monde and Eline. We found a Catholic school for handicapped that they attend daily, a little house in town with house mamas, and it is so amazing to see the development in them.

For the amazing people God sent to serve the poor and the lost with us this year! Like never before we have been blessed with extended stay workers with passion for Jesus and His broken ones. We were able to teach and organize our first 3-week CPX course, and then to mentor our 4 Village Leaders, 6 American one-year interns and 3 Zambian interns on our Livingstone base, as well as 5 workers from our Luanshya (northern) base.  We have also enjoyed 3 other interns since August. We had an authentic family with 4 young boys that thrilled us for 3 lovely months; and now a young zealous couple committed for a year or more. We now have 6 who are seriously praying about long-term involvement with us! God has changed us thru them; He has changed the village and our kids thru them; and He has changed them thru our common experience of God’s Faithful Hand upon us all.

Although the health of our founding leader is still not great, God has allowed Dan to continue serving with energy and vision for the future.

For the building projects we have plodded thru, ever dependent on the “daily bread” of God’s provision for us, building as we are able. The Upper Room is almost complete – a small one room loft above the kitchen. And the Hillside Manor is also almost complete – a two bedroom cottage, waiting for a family to occupy it.  A long held vision is finally becoming a reality – we finally have an adequate solar power system for the base and for the first time, about half of our staff are staying full time in the village base. Only one couple is still staying in a tent, but soon we will see us all in housing with lights and running water! Praise be to Jesus!

Next year – by God’s grace – another Home for Children!

God has poured out grace like we could hardly imagine on our Family Table Sponsorship program. Three years ago it was a pipe dream – a step of faith. Today over 90 children are being groomed spiritually, educationally, and socially to be transformed into young men and women of stature for Jesus. This year it has grown by about 1/3rd. Some of our young leaders are leading Bible studies and sharing the gospel for Jesus.

And our educational program has exceeded our dreams as well. On our northern base there is a full blown school with 7 grades (two pre-school grades), 160 students and 6 volunteer teachers! A few years ago one woman donated the money to build this building, and little did we know what God would use it for! A friend has undertaken now to build tables and benches for all the students, wall dividers, school materials and a couple computers for this sacrificial ministry of love. We are praying for some way to support these teachers. On the southern base God has led us to a mentor/tutor program that works in small groups to supplement existing institutions, and this has mushroomed as well. We now have a program for new learners, a program for returning drop-outs (mostly teen moms), a youth business and skills program, and an adult literacy program. And we do all of this out of a small bedroom, spilling out into the outdoors.

Next year – by God’s grace – an education center on the southern base!

For the breath of God’s Spirit on our village churches. We have unexplainably been gifted with a hunger to press into God. We have had somewhere around 14 baptisms since September! Unprecedented. New small churches are being established among this unreached people group, and worship is coming from these villages for the first time in history!

For all those gifts and more – we are forever grateful to our Father and those who have supported and visited us. For those 8 US based volunteers who help us; for our Board of Directors who care for us in so many ways; for the many people sponsoring children, donating monthly or giving occasional gifts, for the teams who came and blessed us, for the 8 churches who consider us one of their missionaries and partner financially with us, for our All Nations mentors and guides, for our church which sent us and cares for us – we are so blessed and so grateful to God for all of these things and more.

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