Give Your Life to Jesus!


1 Year Interns 

Long-Term Partners

Mission teams

Financial investors

  • Teach a family and marriage course
  • Help someone learn a skill or start a business
  • Start a church among an unreached people group
  • Teach a villager to read
  • Plant gardens to train in new ways
  • Design and build a dream base
  • Keep things running well with admin
  • Train village health workers
  • Be a soccer coach
  • Be a music teacher
  • Heal traumatized orphans
  • Teach the Bible to church leaders
  • Manage operations

Here are the people we have now:

Seven 20ish

Four 30ish.

Three 60ish!

Two couples.

(A family with 4 young children just left).

Two for 3 months.

Most for 1 year.

2 considering long term.

Most trained in our CPX – church planting school.

All being trained by Jesus in the School of Given-To-God.


This is the dream team! Some will be leaving in Dec. Some next year.

Tammy – leading and developing our educational program (Family Table). Founded Go-Tutor – a program to take tutoring to specific children in the villages. Leading our Friday worship night on the island with all of “our kids”, or in a village at a host’s hut. Leads a DBS in the village.

Josiah – Construction on the base. With contagion, breaking into worship at any moment. Discipling young men. Materials purchaser and driver.

Johannah – teaches art to kids in the House of Moses orphan home. Does Go-Tutoring. Shopping for groceries.

Jake – grounds and base development – the founder of the famous Ginger Garden. The first to boldly live (with his wife Tammy) full time on the base – in the Creek Cottage. “Coach” for our soccer team. Elder for the ministry.  Co-leads a Courage Group – purity for boys. Dug-out canoe operator.


Shaina – leads short-term teams and visitors. Prayer warrior. Another amazing worship leader. Her father came and trained us in smart gardening, so she carries his influence on.  Co-leads a Cherish Group – a girls purity discipleship study. Disperses money to purchasers. Found the best swimming hole on the river!

Miriam – teaches music to a growing class of students. Personal Assistant to Mama Regina!! Does Go-Tutoring. Helps lead a small tutoring program in town.


Kelvin – full-time Bible teacher in the villages – he leads or translates in up to 5 different studies each week. Co-leads Courage Group – purity for boys.  Teaches Bible teaching methods in the Village Leaders training. Discipling young men.

Faith – food services with flair. Helps with an AA group in the village known for drunkenness. Teaches in a group of young vulnerable girls in town. Teaches in a group with ex-prostitutes.

Memory – leading and developing Kick Start Academy – helping drop-outs from school to get back on track by preparing them for testing even before being sponsored, and then guiding them thru re-entry into school.

Anita – Leads a DBS for our house mamas. Founded Youth Empowerment Program (YAP) – empowering a few youths in business and discipleship. Leads a DBS in Siamate Village. Driver.

Benjamin and Allison – just arrived, but want to raise their family in the Nations! Want to learn a language (must first choose which one of the 72 Zambian languages to learn!), disciple in business, disciple in education, and start house churches.

Evelyn – leads a Cherish Group (girls purity) in the village and disciples those girls. Translates, leads worship in our Siamate Church and at our team worship times.



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