First orphan home under way!


This is an exciting and scarry day for us at LD/AN. We have dreamed and planned and saved and sacrificed for this day. And it is finally here.

Today I am ordering materials for our first orphan home! 

The diagram here is a bit skewed, but close enough to tell. It will be a two story, 3 bedroom simple house with a playroom loft that is open to view from the sitting room and kitchen.  

Jeremiah and Missy Weismann (social worker majors – a couple of dynamo’s!) have just arrived for the next 3 months and will be in charge of getting us approved by social services, setting up systems,  and selecting the parents and the orphans before they leave hopefully. We are almost there!

May I ask you to prayerfully consider getting on board with us financially with this major project. If you want a bite sized piece of the project (we will be building 4 like this so don’t worry, there is plenty of pie!):


  • $7000 – the main structure
  • $8000 – the roof system – really nice thatch that will last 15 years.
  • $3000 – furnishing it – including tub, toilet and kit sink, beds
  • $2500 – very simple water, sewar, power systems.
  • $1500 – 2 cows, 4 goats, 20 chickens and large gardens to make it self sustaining within one year. 


BATH       TOILET   KITCHEN                 BEDROOM  SITTING ROOM (open vault)  BEDROOM 2                                     BEDROOM  3      (open vault)                                                 PLAYROOM STAIR FIRST FLOOR SECOND FLOOR 10 M 3 M 3 M Open vault ORPHAN HOME HOUSE PLAN (in meters) 8-12 children and a parent couple. Apox cost $16,000USD fully furnished with indoor plumbing and wiring.   Here are some ways you can help:

  • Construction supervisor wanted! I know there is a godly retired contractor who never imagined himself a missionary – just right for this task. Or perhaps a 20-something with a smattering of construction… 
  • Bring a team of workers. Nothing better than a bunch of testosterone slinging bricks together! We have a trained builder and lots of avaliable helpers, but a team of hard workers and some experienced ones would double the output and have lots of fun getting to know village life at it’s best. 
  • Share the vision. Many benevolent businessmen, rotories, churches or small groups would get excited about getting on board with something like this – really making a difference in this world. Contact us and we will put some materials in your hands.  We want to build 4 houses in our village, then another 4 with our friends in Ngwenya, another cluster in Zimbabwe with our friends there, another  in Lesotho and more in Swaziland… We will equip them to be self-sufficient within a year to allow us to continue to reach another 40 kids in another location. Click here for a SELF SUFFICIENT ORPHAN HOME PROPOSAL document.
  • Donate. God has been such a faithful Father, and you, the Body, have been faithful to hear and obey. We have not yet gone without. We keep pressing forward even when we do not see large surplus – but by the time we get to the due date we have always had enough! Bless you! If you have not yet jumped in, try it out, it is great fun to be a part of this hilarious gift to Jesus. Click here to donate. 

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