Final Days at Home

It is a mere 3 weeks until we fly back “home” – to Africa.  Before we left Africa we were thoroughly prayed over that we would not loose “connection with the Source”. We were determined to spend quality time in worship and silence and listening responsive prayer.


We have probably done better than previous home stints, having worship times with the Mandate School almost daily. But you know, even Jesus, who had a much better ability to connect with Father every moment of the day, spent more times alone with Father, according to the scriptures, than I have seen of anyone (besides Nimisha).

But I hunger for that flow of grace and liquid supply.

As we have been home we are looking over the records of our donations that are difficult to know while in Africa. I feel so humbled and thankful to so many individuals who have faithfully supported us, whether monthly or occasional spurts. To me, it testifies that God is caring for us thru some Inter-Body support system – like adrenal system or glandular or hormonal system, that sees the need without it even being published by the individual part – only communicated from the Head – and they immediately send exactly what is needed!

One example! This year as we were home we did not have a car lined up for our use, like we have in previous years. So we trusted that God would take care of it. Sure enough our kids pitched in – in fact we had the use of two cars as both our son and our daughter-in law were gone for 2 weeks. But then the day came when they returned and needed their cars again. We had a church service in another town that morning and we would meet our kids there, have an afternoon of fun, and return of the cars. We didn’t know how we would return home! I was surprised at Regina’s nonchalant, “It will work out.”

So after the service a good friend came up to me and said, “Dan, when you and Regina are home, we just want to be there for you – like anything you need, just let us know! Like a car… – do you need a car?” It took me a few seconds to stop stammering! The guy had no idea we needed a car just at that moment. I never said a word – but Father did, and the Body sent the appropriate juice at the right time.

When Jesus sends out the 72 in Luke 10 and tells them to take no staff or purse or even extra coat, and to eat what the people set before them – he is asking them to be very vulnerable. If God does not provide for them they may be in trouble! But He does.

And at times when things are lean – well, as Paul said, “we have learned the secret of being content. We know how to abound and be abased.” As long as we have assurance that our Father is watching over us and providing “each day what He deems best” – no need for worry or for fear, as the old song says.

Our basic way of operating is to not tell when we are in need – except to God or to someone who specifically asks. But we are free to tell of ways that a person can partner with us financially or otherwise. We feel this strikes a good balance – trusting God to take care of our daily provision, but informing the Body of ways to get involved with us as well. This keeps us from being manipulative, keeps us on our knees and dependent on Him, and keeps the Body seeking Father’s face as to what to do with their finances.

So here is a way you can partner with us!

It seems that God is building a following of partners for the work in Zambia – people who are really praying with us, crying with us, walking with us thru the struggles and victories. That’s many of you. And many who are volunteering to do various things for us – web site, fund raising, secretarial, etc. We love you! I would ask you to consider another level of partnership with this ministry – a monthly donation of some manageable amount. My vision is 50 more people giving $20 a month – half for our personal and half for the ministry support. At this time our support is a bit unpredictable – not complaining Father! – and we have always had what we need! – but I just sense there is something in the heart of God for growing a family of committed partners in ministry, and for some strange reason it is true that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

So pray about this and if you are so led, you may find a way to donate at or a check to Love’s Door, 339 NW Sherman St, Sheridan, OR. 97378. If you would want to do an automatic withdrawal from your bank or credit card we can send a form for you.

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