Remember when Jesus did the miracle of multiplying the loaves and fish? Then he told the disciples to pick up the pieces? Why did he do that? Think about it… it sure would have been nice for some of those families to have some bread for the journey home… and the few disciples would not need that much for themselves! I think he just wanted to have a good story that would ring thru the ages to the glory of such an amazingly wonderful and generous Father… who comes thru again… and again! They all ate to the brim, and 12 baskets left over!

Well, He did it again… and again…   So when the headman of Singanga Village said he wanted $10,000 by Sept 15 I was excited to see the loaves being broken right in my face!

I am not a fund-raiser, but simply a reporter of what God is doing and saying. I reported it a few places, but rather timidly – not wanting the power of the flesh, but the power of God to get the glory.

So when the due date was about a week off I added up what we had, and we were about $4000 short – and that is only if I added all the money that had been donated to Regina and me thru our Paypal account since Jan – I thought we could get by without it. Then on Sat the 12th it started coming in – here a little, there $500, some people we knew and some not. Just these emails coming in. Sunday the 13th we were scheduled to share with a small group of about 15 friends, and even then, we only shared about 15 min; and in the evening a small group of people from a neighboring church – many on fixed retirement incomes! We went home from those two places with 12 baskets full! – over $6500.

In the next couple days a few more donations came in. I added it up today – just from July 15 to Sept 15 and designated for the land. Along with the $2000 given by Love’s Door for the earnest money back in July, God had brought in $9886.30 . Wow – that is not like God to come up $113.70 short! I racked my brain, asked Regina if there was any other money stashed somewhere – aha! Yes! There was a check for $200 sent to my construction business name that had been finally cashed but not yet deposited. Making $10,086.30!!  Can you see how good our Father is? I love him so much. Thanks Pops!


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