Dr. Livingstone I presume?

Reading a book about Livingstone – an awesome believer who was passionate about sharing the Gospel wherever he went.

And he went- right around Livingstone here. This was sort of home base for part of his time. I bet he spoke Nyanja – now I wanna learn.

but I had a day like one of his (not nearly so grand) yesterday – Went to the village to get grass for the roof of the shelter I am having built for the Mandate team to camp under. The headman found a place to buy grass “nearby”. So we traveled about 20 min west, found the dirt road to the correct village. In the truck we had the headman, me, and 3 of the men working on the shed. When we got to the village the negotiating started. Normally a “bunch” of 8foot long grass (about an arm full) is 5000Kwatcha – $1. – but because it was still in the bush we would only pay about 65 cents. we asked how far in the bush it was, and they said they walk 2 hours to the place. No problem – about 15min in my truck. So three more loaded in. We started on the track that was made by oxcart – probably never a car on this road! Many times it looked like we were in the middle of a jungle with no path at all – just making a path the best we could between trees, regularly running over bushes as tall as my hood, the guide seemed to know the way ok. This went on not for 15 min, or 25 or 40, but a full 55 minutes! I was exhausted. The last half mile was thru the “Bogs Of Despondency” – a low bog or tall grass as high as the top of my truck at times that no vehicle had ever come in before – not even an ox cart! And now I know why. They warned me as we started in the bog to go slow because there were “holes” in it! Yikes! But I could not go slow or i would bog down in the bog and never be heard of again. And no way could we see anything ahead because of the tall thick grass. So, with a prayer we took off thru. Twice we hit a pit of sorts that I was not sure we were getting thru – but we did. We loaded the long grass up over the top of the cab, tied it down good and started loading into the truck, but this time the three in the back could not ride back there – so pile on in! That means 5 adults in the back seat, and 3 in the front. So we headed back, and made it again.

As we were getting near the village, we saw the storm clouds coming – and we had another load to get! So we quick off loaded and went back, praying it would not rain till we got out of the bog. A word about the rain here – the drops, I dont know how it defies the laws of physics, but the drops are 3 inches in diameter and carry a pound of water each! So just 10 min of rain in this bog and we would be turning to diamonds in a few centuries! Well, it started coming down just as we started into the bog. Ok, we’re toast. But praise God, we made it out again.

If you love me, will you give God a big thanks again for that truck he gave us. It has proven itself such a blessing to us.

We were all so relieved when we got back to the village, I bought everyone a dough ball – a misshapen lump of dough fried in sugary oil – mmm.

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