Twashuka School Project

IMG_20160824_113110479The Twashuka Community Center was was dedicated in Feb 2015. Although the building is not yet complete, it has become the center of activity for the ministry and the village. The building was conceptualized from the beginning as a community project, and it has become so. Although we have paid for the major construction phases of the building from the generous donation of one family, the whole effort was undergirded with volunteers from the community – cooking, making the clay blocks, working on the grounds, and even now they are painting and plastering the buildings.

Even before the building was ready to use, children started coming to the grounds, IMG_20160824_104924536wanting to learn. A few women came and started teaching them under the trees. Now, every weekday morning up to 160 children show up for school. These are kids in the community that were not previously going to school, so Charles sensed a call from God to begin teaching them, not knowing where the teachers would come from or the materials. Before he even shared his leading with others two ladies came to him and asked if they could come and teach children. He warned them there was no pay at this time and they would need to be committed. They were willing. Now there are 4 teachers. They serve those children the best they can, with only high school education themselves, with very few materials, no chairs or desks or drawing paper or pens…

Twashuka School Project:  When I went and viewed this my heart broke in love for the workers and compassion for the kids. We resolved to do what we can do to improve their work. Here is what is needed:

  • Tables and chairs for the kids: $600
  • Classroom dividers:  $400
  • Books and materials: $200
  • 3 exterior doors: $300
  • Teachers desks, blackboards, educational wall hangings: $400

TOTAL: $1,900.

To contribute: go to the Donate page and on the form, specify School Project.

Then I would like to give the teachers a stypend of $150 per month minimum. So this will take a monthly commitment of numerous people.

To contribute a regular monthly salary: go to Donate page and donate monthly, specify one of the teachers: