Staff Cottage

All our Staff Houses are full, and in a month Florence and Morgan Mumba and their daughter CheChe will be ready to move in. We can temporarily shuffle things around, but there is always a shortage of staff housing.

We built a nice two bedroom house with bath and kitchen and large sitting room, especially for families. Now we have one ( and other families talking about coming soon too!), and the office is located in one of the bedrooms. We need a place to put the office so this house can be self-contained for this wonderful family.

Meanwhile, we have a cement pad that was previously used for a tent to sit on. It would be a perfect place for another small staff cottage. So that is the easiest and cheapest and perfect option!

This little 20’ x 14’ cottage can be used in several ways: It could be for those Workers who are willing to live in an intense community, but with a little less zing – a personal room! OR it could be for the office. OR a prayer room, or team meeting place or guest house.

It will be a simple structure with 4 walls, a small deck on the back overlooking the river area, and a small mini-toilet/shower.

COST: Only $5,000!

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