The Canter


Why do we need a new truck?

This is Chester.

He is the oldest child in Love’s Door’s Children’s Home – a home for orphans. Like many kids in Zambia, his favorite thing to do is play soccer.

Each week, the children pile into our Children’s Home’s truck, endearingly called “The Canter.” The Canter takes Chester and his friends to soccer matches in villages near and far away.

One recent Saturday afternoon, Morgan, our driver, put the key back in the ignition, and the Canter went ablaze!

Cornelius, a staff member, fled to his office to get the fire extinguisher. Others rushed children away from the truck. Cornelius and a few others managed to put out the fire.

It's now time to replace the Canter.

It breaks down regularly and is no longer a reliable vehicle. The risk of spontaneous combustion puts our children and staff at risk on a daily basis. If you could help us buy a new truck this year, it will play a critical role in a new project for the kids. A play structure is being sent to Love’s Door and a new Canter will be needed to transport the playground pieces to our base of operations.

This new Canter and play structure would be both wonderful and necessary additions to Love’s Door.

Would you help us replace the Canter?