Concept: Youth Home

Love’s Door for All Nations has been working primarily in Zambia since 2009, helping the people in the neglected areas to find the dignity and purpose God created them for.  We started out buying a base in the villages near Livingstone, Zambia. There we carved out a living place for our team, and in 2010 began our first House of Moses children’s home. Smiley face By 2012 we started a work in the northern parts of Zambia and bought the House of Noah children’s home and a ministry center in the nearby villages again.   In 2016 we opened a House of Jewels in Livingstone to house handicapped kids. Smiley face And now, with some of our kids getting older, we are sensing a need (as well as being prodded by Social Welfare) to build a Youth Home to separate some of our older kids from the younger, and separate the girls from the boys. This home will be a duplex – with the girls on one side and the boys on the other. Each side will be able to hold 12 kids and two house parents. It will be located on our Southern village base. It will feature 3 bedrooms, flush toilet, indoor bath and shower, solar power, and large living room/kitchen. Smiley face TOTAL COST:


The Plan

Our children in House of Moses are growing and maturing. It would be well for the older ones to be separated to provide a more wholesome environment. The first home will then be for the little ones. This duplex, with indoor plumbing, solar power, septic, and furniture will cost about $60,000. We will begin building one section at a time, so about $30,000 for each side. Max occupancy: 24 amazing, world-changing Kids, and 4 house moms.

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