Church Structure Improvements

Our mission is to start indigenous churches that operate on their own steam.


Look at this church of village people from a previously unreached people group - the Toka Leya people. They have been meeting on Love’s Door property under our assistance, though they have ordained elders and leaders in their church from village people. Now they desire to build their own church.

We do not want to take over for them, but we have promised that we would assist them - for every dollar they can raise from their people (who are basically destitute!) we will match it 2x. They will do all the work on it themselves, mixing the cement, making the blocks, and everything. We will also assist them with the roof structure - the one thing that really costs money.

TOTAL COST: $4,000

So please help us build this important building for this worthy church in the village. We believe $4,000 will be adequate. Thank you so so much!