Church Structure Improvements

Love’s Door Singanga Village Church meets in our dining / meeting area under an open-air structure. It is a beautiful building, and sitting by the Zambezi River, it provides a peaceful setting for our worship.

However there are some things that we would love to see improved. 1. The cement slab was never finished – just rough with chips and cracks and holes to fall into when dancing! 2. We have 8 wonderful benches (Josiah Wenger!) but need 4 more. 3. We would like to put electric lights in the vaulted ceiling and some outlets in the wall. 4. The building needs bracing, against the strong storms that race thru the area in certain seasons. 5. Permanent cement benches along the perimeter (with gaps for entrance and exit) would provide a boundary for dogs and huge spiders, as well as seating in the round for special events.

TOTAL COST: $4,000

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